Monday, April 11, 2011

Smearing Ron Paul

I posted on Facebook my anger yesterday about Ron Paul's name not being included in a poll on who the next president should be. This was to a bunch of antiwar activists. Sadly, two of them started saying disparaging things about Dr. Paul. It's typical.

Like just about everything, most people don't have an opinion about Ron Paul. They have an opinion crafted by the globalist owned media. Certainly, neither of these two dupes on Facebook has met Dr. Paul personally nor have they any firsthand knowledge of anything he has done. What they possess is how they have been programmed by their TV set to fear Ron Paul or have some false idea about him. For example, during the 2008 election I had people telling me Ron Paul was a "complete fascists" and "a racists." This is absolute nonsense!

It's time to grow up people and start acting like thinking adults. Stop behaving like spoiled manipulated ignorant children looking for Santa Claus to save you. In the 21st century all network information is meant to manipulate not to inform. Therefore one must forget everything one has been led to believe and start anew.

You are now the reporters in your world. The most reliable source of news is you yourself witnessing something live on the scene in real time. That is firsthand knowledge. It is precisely a judge will not allow hearsay evidence during a trial. He wants to look the actual witness in the eye.

Next, secondhand accounts will be your next most reliable source but there is a catch. The source must be reliable meaning trusted and time tested. Of course, there is always the possibility of misinterpreting something one witnesses but this is an honest mistake. Viewed from several different perspectives by various honest people the truth will emerge that everyone honest can agree on.

The last and least reliable source of information are third-hand reports. This is where something is witnesses or reported on firsthand, told to someone else who then reports to everybody else. Virtually all of the big networks use mostly third hand accounts to fill their news broadcasts. Even when they show live footage of events it should at least be considered secondhand information of dubious reliability. Why? The networks can always show far away shot of scenes from say the Fukushima meltdown to minimize the urgency of the situation. Likewise, the networks can always replay old booing audio spliced in with the announcement that Ron Paul won the CPAC poll for president.

Which brings me back to the question of Ron Paul. If you have a bad opinion of Ron Paul you have been manipulated. I feel very qualified to state this and here is why. I know Ron Paul personally. In other words I shook his hand, looked him in they eye and spoke to him person to person. I have first hand knowledge of the man. Those of you who disparage this great man who have never even met the gentleman should shut up and check how you've been manipulated by third hand reporting by filthy, unamerican liars. These liars show Dr. Paul from only certain perspectives to make him appear evil. For example they will state, correctly, that Ron Paul favors eliminating Social Security. This alone is enough to get lots of people's blood boiling. But here is the facts. They are correct but Ron Paul is a compassionate man and will not pull the rug out from under old people. The current rulers bringing you these networks reports are however throwing the old under the bus with inflation right now. Ron Paul wants to de-fund the foreign bankers American military empire first of all and this scares the hell out of these oligarchs dependent on the teet of the American taxpayer. Decades down the road we will transition to a better sustainable, honest system to provide for the old.

Here is something the oligarchs don't want you to know about Ron Paul that I know from firsthand knowledge and from reading Dr. Paul's writings for decades. Ron Paul is an economic and political genius. He is the most qualified man who has thus far ever run for president including everyone right back to George Washington. Before you challenge me on this ask yourself how many of Dr. Paul's writings have you read? Have you met him personally? In fact, do you know anything about this man other than what you've heard over the network media?

If you fall into this last group you most certainly have a negative opinion of Ron Paul. In effect, you have joined up with the enemy and you have become their willing shill. This does not mean that you are my enemy per se. You just haven't realized who your real enemy is and many of you don't know yourselves either. The Art of War assures that these two poisons will lead to your doom. But I won't fight you as you disgrace yourselves fighting for the enemies of peace and freedom whenever you repeat these lies about Ron Paul. There is no time to waste now. The real enemies of mankind running the network programming of your mind must be defeated despite your complicity and ignorance.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Great post about Ron Paul Tomás. As you well know by now I do not agree with all of Congressman Paul's ideas and points of view, however, there is no doubt in my mind -- based on his actions backing his words -- that Mr. Paul is an honest public servant as opposed to a career politician.

Too bad I could not had helped you out at Facebook, two weeks ago today I closed my Facebook account after it was hacked for the second time in less than three months, Facebook's security features are flimsy by today's standards, it is no accident that its CEO's page was hacked a few months ago, that should've been a warning flag to me which unfortunately I chose to disregard at the time, anyway, I chose not to wait for the three strikes to punch out, two were more than enough for me, you already knew the basics of this issue as per the eMail I sent a couple of weeks ago to all my real friends on my FB list. I hope you don't get targeted by these assholes who clearly have too much free time on their hands to do anything productive from their parents' basements.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Thanks Angel. I don't like people talking badly about people I know like Ron Paul. But as you know Angel we're living in a nation filled with wanton ignorance. As for being hack they've tried with some success. But I just keep plugging away. Sorry to hear they got you. The maggots assigned to me don't come by much anymore. They have their hands full currently I suppose. It's a bitch trying to rule the world. So far all have failed.

4:01 AM  

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