Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Murder Most Foul

We've been getting murdered for quite sometime, we regular people who haven't come from a long line of relatives who've been sugaring with one another that is. For hundreds of years now, who knows maybe longer, an elite here in the western world have been killing us off - mostly for sport.

I'm not saying that the other parts of the world with their own ruling oligarchies are swell chums of the people. Whether it be Putin, the Communist Chinese Party or the Castro's in Cuba, etc., they are all corrupt to one degree or another. Having said that, the Castro's, even Putin murder to get into power and to then stay in power. These smaller pond oligarchies also must struggle with the big western oligarchy who are themselves cunning and ruthless.

The top of the western oligarchy have names like Rothschild and Rockefeller. These families were far ahead of the rest of the planet in a number of areas. First and foremost was their understanding of banking, money and the fiat currency system of debt slavery. Using paper money to transfer human labor into little pieces of paper that could be spent in an economy was a masterful system - literally. But the most savvy decision these secret rulers made was to reign in the shadows. For thousands of years the kings, queens, royal potentates, etc. have been regularly getting their heads chopped off by the people when things turned bad.

Our hidden rulers were wise enough to rule with fiat currency but even more cunning was their designed chaos from the shadows to manipulate the masses to do their dirty work. Propagandizing the people into killing each other was elementarily simple with WWI and even WWII it wasn't that hard to get Americans fired up. Stand down and let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and wallah! Americans were chomping at the bit to kill Japanese, Germans and Italians. All the while these banking/industrialist families were lending and profiteering on both side of the war front. The same held true for WWI. The stand down false flag attack is still in their small bag of effective tricks. Benghazi was a stand down false flag assassination of Ambassador Stevens for griping about arming Al Qaeda in Libya. He was a nice man but a compartmentalized dupe like so many of the minions of the oligarchy. He paid the ultimate price for his ignorance of who his real enemies were. If enough Americans fail at this test then we shall as well.

These snakes propped up the old Soviet Union for as long as they could so it could menace the western people. When it fell the next phase of the manipulation began with the international terrorist bogie men which has been switched very quickly to the domestic terrorism treat. Those are Americans who don't agree with the ruling establishment and have a different opinion. So the foreign banking inbreeds are salivating at the thought of getting us fighting each other in a civil war. It's what they do. They were deeply involved in the original one.

However, having said my piece about the scum, people are not so easily manipulated in the modern world. In the days gone by these secret ruling families killed and sowed chaos for sport and to profit handsomely. Today they manipulate the public with poisons in our food and drink as well as poison our thinking with their control of education and entertainment. But they do this to save their very asses now. They have been getting away with murder and having a ball. If enough of you realize they and their establishment minions are corrupt and of a mind to kill you then their reign of terror will be over.

Then I could show you a better economic system that bans all forms of income tax while making a huge, wealthy, growing middle class. If you cut off the heads of these snakes, get back to me and I'll explain the plan. You'll like it. I guarantee it!

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