Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Narrative Jockeys

The Bundy standoff with the BLM is a great example of how the media steers the narrative away from news that greatly worries the establishment towards the story that they want told. In this case the establishment wants to divide us as usual so they all beg the question: Are Cliven Bundy and his supporters terrorists or not terrorists.

Being that this is the topic the establishment wants discussed we won't be addressing the issue any further. We will focus on the topic that the establishment doesn't want to even mentioned. In fact till this very second all of the big media mouthpieces have not mention a word of the real story. The real story is Harry Reid grabbing American land for the communist Chinese bastards. Even Alex Jones who is usually right on target has fallen for the bait and he along with the staff have focused on the domestic terro.....see, they almost got me again. The story that the scum traitors don't want to be our topic of conversation is Harry Reid stealing Nevada land for commie Chinese. Repeat.

The other story that I won't discuss may very well blow up in the traitor's faces as well but the one that would finish them off is Reid working with the Chinese. This is a fact and if I am wrong then this truth would be aired over the networks. It hasn't been. The NSA has already looked at the actuaries compiled from spying on everybody and concluded that it is the Chinese colluding with Harry Reid that is the story that, if it got out and became widely known, would unite Americans in disgust. Instead the rulers push that other story along with the Malaysian airline scavenger hunt.

But the rest of you in the duped generation go right ahead and be manipulated into debating the story that our oppressor want you to discuss. Not Tomas Estrada-Palma!


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