Saturday, June 15, 2013

Derecho And Weather Modification

Did you know the weather term "derecho" did not exist before June of 2012. Go ahead and do a search on the term and you'll find no references to it anywhere on the net before June of 2012, Spanish related content aside. How can this be explained?

These "directed" storms never existed before 2012. Oh yes the Spanish word "derecho" can be used idiomatically for direction or directing. Go back and look at all of the Doppler records for as far back as you like or examine the weather reports. The derecho type storm had never before formed or been classified with a name like a "hurricane." What could explain this?

I reason that if these new type of storms are being engineered that the manipulators would use earth's natural weather systems as a base point. To have a derecho the jet stream, sun angle, prevailing air flows, moisture content, etc. must align with the correct time of year - June/July. Then with just enough high energy HAARP heating at key locations in the atmosphere, storms can be intensified, stalled or directed to where the maximum effect can be achieved.

So look for more derechos or directed storms in the future that, because of the natural geography of the U.S., will be engineered to begin around the Ohio Valley and be slapped like a spinning top by HAARP to head east through the mid Atlantic and out to sea. I reckon we can only have two or so of these a season.

Could somebody refute this analysis? I'd sleep easier if it was God doing this than these devils.


Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

You NSA bastards make it so easy to know what troubles you. This is one of those troubling things.

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