Thursday, June 13, 2013

Has NSA Examined The Chechen Boys Email?

Remember a few weeks ago when the presstitute media was falling all over themselves trying to give explanations as to how and why the alleged Chechen boy bombers blew up bombs in Boston. "Were they self radicalized," the pundit were groaning.

Wait a second! Why hasn't the NSA gone back and retrieved every communication ever done by these boys then given it to local, state and federal cops to analyze? Come to think of it what about Adam Lanza's communications? How about James Holmes?

These traitors in our government are no where near good liars. The same goes for the big corporate media. They are fortunate the American public is mostly a trusting, naive bunch of brain poisoned people.

The NSA spying is only for one purpose. It is to grab information about judges, politicians, executives, media opinion makers, etc. so the NSA scum has sufficient dirt to get compliance with agency demands. If NSA wants a judge to rule a certain way on a case or a politician to vote a certain way on a bill then NSA will examine every communication they make to find out if they have a mistress, enjoy same set relations or have some other skeleton. In short, the NSA doesn't stop terrorism. The NSA engages in terrorism which they blame on their opponent so they can gain total control of the nation. The illegal spying is for blackmailing not protecting the American public.


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