Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Boston Bombing Bottom Line

Okay here it is. The Department of Homeland Security is buying up all the bullets as a counter move to the Millions of Americans purchasing guns now that they have realized Obama is a Marxist installing a communist dictatorship. So to check this move by Obama some American people who love liberty but who also see an opportunity to make a buck are cashing in on the ammo shortage.

It's not rocket science to load one's own shells and many gun enthusiasts have been doing it for years to save a buck. With the last 2 billion or more bullets manufactured by the big factories scarfed up by the federal domestic secret police the prices have soared. However the costs for the materials to make bullets remain close to normal market prices so entrepreneurs are setting up shop for their friends and family to make bullets and bucks. In essence, what we are witnessing is the birth of the next illegal market created by corrupt government to control the people. Bullets, shells and black powder will soon be treated like illegal dope and people suspected of engaging in the bullet black market will be treated like the current drug victims. Your doors are going to be kicked in, you'll be held cuffed on the floor, screamed at while your home or business is ransacked and worse.

To sum up, Obama's people, to put the mom and pop bullet makers in check, created the bombs in Boston using black powder. It was most likely that Middle Eastern guy seen with the back pack exactly like the one purported to be the one containing the bomb. Later he was seen without the back pack. As for the young Chechen boy being framed up, the FBI put out an obvious Photoshop job with the kid's back pack erased out but later photos after the bombs went off showed him still with his back pack.

While the smoke was still clearing from the false flag attack, corrupted members of the political class scared out of their assess of the American people began introducing bills to restrict the sale, manufacture, transportation, etc. of black powder. What did that Church Lady always say?



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