Monday, April 22, 2013

Let Boston Be A Lesson

The Boston bombing is most likely another rogue operation using patsies. That's outrageous! How could I assert such nonsense?

Well amigos let me tell you how it works so you don't fall into the same trap. FBI or CIA will contact you about some legal problem they've discover that you have. They will tell you of the seriousness of your legal problems and how it's going to destroy your life. Then they'll tell you a way out. If only you'll work with the agency fighting terrorism then your legal problems will simply go away. Plus you'll be fighting to keep the homeland safe for freedom and as a bonus there will be some cash in it for you.

You ask them what do they want you to do? They say it's nothing much. Perhaps they want you to spy on coworkers, members of an organization you belong to or perhaps even a friend or family member. If you take the deal you're screwed. These snakes are like the Mafia but with no code of honor. They'll toy with you for a while but eventually when it suits their needs they will have you carry that back pack to help with a security drill. From that point your career as an informant will be exploding.

Crazy? Both these Chechen boys had some unspecified legal problems and met with the FBI. Then these problems apparently went away. They knew once named as the suspects that they had been set up and targeted for death then acted exactly like they would be expected to behave - violently.  They would have been on the run two seconds after the bombs went off if they had lite the fuse. Instead they acted like they always did around friends right up until they became officially named.

Dead Oswald's can't speak up for them self.
Dead Oswald's can forget about their health.
Dead Oswald's can't use a right to trial.
Dead Oswald's were living in denial.



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