Sunday, April 21, 2013

CBS Hacked - FBI A Gang Of Hacks

CBS apparently was hacked by some Syrian group. In the article the most pressing questions not being asked by the media are found below. I'll add one. Why did the FBI say do not look at any other pictures of possible suspects then after the two official suspects were eliminated the FBI now wants to know if they had any help? Doesn't that seem stupid and sort of guilty acting?

The Questions Everybody Should Be Asking. Why Isn't The FBI?

Any proper investigation into the Boston bombings would at least have to address the question of why men carrying backpacks almost identical to those used by the accused bombers are pictured communicating on satellite phones immediately before and after the blasts.

Were the men involved in a bomb drill that was reported by eyewitnesses on the morning of the marathon? Why have police refused to acknowledge that they were running any kind of exercise? Why did authorities announce that they had arrested a suspect only for the FBI to reverse the story and cancel a press conference shortly after images emerged showing not only middle eastern men but also private employees of the security firm Craft International carrying backpacks? Why have Craft International failed to explain why their men were at the scene of the blasts? Why was a Saudi national detained as a “person of interest” in connection with the attack yet subsequently deported on “national security” grounds after President Obama held an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister?

Finally, does the FBI spokesman look worried and guilt ridden to anybody else but me?


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