Friday, April 12, 2013

Deprogramming The Kids

Many of you, like me, have noticed how all programming in mainstream controlled media is filled with globalist messages to indoctrinate us in the way they want us to think. Watching the Disney Network one might as well be viewing the Royalist Channel. Every show has some royal characters but no families with parents. However, for whatever reason, my granddaughter loves the stuff.

That's okay amigos. Kids are so smart that with a bit of direction from a loved one like a parent or grandparent they will soon be enlightening all of us. That's what was meant by spare the rod spoil the child. The rod was not to beat the child but rather to guide them using the rod to point the way like a herder does with his sheep.

So as Kylie watches her royalist Disney programming I make my little snide comments. She strains to comprehend the meaning of this string of new words I'm using. Kids are so smart and quick to pick things up. It's why you have to watch your language around them or they'll be f-bombing everywhere.

Soon we'll have what I'll call an enlightening conversation where I point out what Disney and the globalists are trying to accomplish. That being of course world domination coinciding with the great extermination which is already well under way. The chances for your kids getting cancer or other debilitating diseases or conditions as well as going into adult life as a standard dupe or dolt will be greatly reduced if you guide the child with the rod away from official poisons and toxic indoctrinated thinking. So I will have use a key globalist weapon and turned it around on them. In Kylie's future every time they are pumping out globalist claptrap over the tube or movie screen she'll be hip to their scam and be warning other kids. Radio bemba the Cubans say or word of mouth.

Naturally this is why government and their globalist employers must destroy the family. It's why kids are legally railroaded into schools where they are indoctrinated and categorized. It's why both parents have been taxed into the workplace leaving no one to mind the children. To mind means to care for. To do that parents will point the mind in the proper direction because parent love their children while the state merely craves their labor and the power that it garnishes them.


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