Monday, December 26, 2011

Zero Chances Here For A Truthful Vote Tally

In my county, as in so many others these days, the election process has been high tech hijacked by filthy unAmerican traitors. Mind you most of the employees working for the state and even local election boards are good decent people. You just need a couple rotten apples at the top to ruin the whole barrel. The fact is with paperless no record voting even if an innocent malfunction occurs there is no way to correct the vote count. Voters have no right to choose their leaders.

Then you look at how easily votes have been stolen in the past even in caucuses like Iowa and you realize in paperless voting districts you know you're getting the election shaft. At this stage you might as well bend over and cough rather than bother voting touchscreen.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be out early election morning with a big chart of paper to allow all voters to mark their choice that I can compare to the rigged touchscreen. In my county the Democrat Party machine controls the state election board and most county election boards. In the primary we may get a true Republican tally as it may not matter who wins especially on the county level filled with absolute dedicated Democrats who could give a damn who the Republican nominees might be. But look at the extremes the rat Republican Party leadership goes to steal Iowan's votes for neocom scum.


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