Thursday, December 08, 2011

Election 2012

In reality, the 2012 election is all about one issue whether individual Americans realize it or not. That issue is whether or not the majority of voters will install the current criminal regime yet again. That possibility actually exists despite the obvious criminality going on in the halls of power. The corrupt media is insisting Newt Gingrich is the "front runner." The shills also chant that Ron Paul cannot win. Why not?

All of the other choices have violated their oath of office. Only Ron Earnest (yes that's his real middle name) Paul have remained faithful to the Constitution and by the way to his wife as well. Newt has screw both of these institutions on multiple occasions. But even these are simple tabloid truths. What is more important is when you elect a president what you in reality are doing is picking who will be the top police chief of the nation. The president of the United States is not in office to tell Americans how to live or run the economy. He is there to be the top cop assuring that the nations' affairs are implemented without violating the Constitution and without criminal behavior by officials in government. Everybody knows the current leadership guys are a gang of crooks but nobody ever gets prosecuted. Why?

It's because crooks don't prosecute crooks because the crooks have the goods on the crooks and would sing like canaries. Only tainted presidents ever get near the office since the corrupt networks have had anything to do with it. But President Paul would sweep into office and his Justice Department would swing into action on day one routing out the criminals in government and wherever others privately collude with the traitors to harm the American people. No currently living president will escape prosecution I assure you. They are traitors.

If we can get Ron Paul into the White House without the vipers assassinating the good doctor then snakes for the most part will simply head for the border. The Bush's will fly to their 99,000 acre hacienda in Paraguay. All of the traitors have their destinations plans ready to go should Ron Paul win and be able to take office without being murdered by the syndicate. And that's a good thing for America even if they get away from Constable Paul. Their exodus will leave a power vacuum in the nation that good Americans in the tradition of liberty will fill to bring America back to life once again.

Electing Ron Paul is a political decapitation strike that will quickly rip out the filth that has been destroying the American Republic and YOUR future. Vote Ron Paul and let the purging of the criminals from government begin. Let the chip fall where they may as long as justice is served.



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