Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some Christmas Advice For Occupiers

People, people, people! You are mostly good well meaning folks but you are babes in the woods. The Occupy Wall Street movement began because Americans knew there was a problem and everybody thought they knew where the problem was - Wall Street. Sadly, the movement has come to realize the problem is much greater and more grave than the protesters could ever have imagined.

It ought to be pretty clear that the corruption in America is a three headed snake. The tri-viperate consists of the corporate/banking elites like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, the government and the media. So putting on the little dog and pony show street theater may cause some of the budding actors in the crowd to swoon but it hasn't been effective making things better. I sure hate seeing you all being gassed and pepper sprayed so I figured you needed a bit of advice.

Now that you all realize this is bigger than first thought you must shift tactics. You are sitting ducks for the abuse that for the most part goes unseen by enough Americans that the traitors can get away with it thanks to the network media black out and slanted coverage. Therefore OWS needs to assess their strengths and weaknesses as well as that of our enemy - the banksters, corp'es, the media and the government agents who remain complicit with the criminal activity going on. How is it Jon Corzine can swipe billions and he's still dining at Che u'p Zeewahzu while the rest of us get instant jail for nabbing some chewing gum and have to take it up the wahzu? The enemy has tremendous firepower and could win any gun fight. With complete superiority over the networks the enemy controls the release of information that many dupes still actually believe and rely on to base their decisions. My conclusion is this movement is going up against a brick wall, getting bloodied and not even getting any mainstream network coverage for shock value.

Let me say that all is not bad news. If you want to know where the enemy has a weak point look no farther than the waistline of the enemy's police enforcers. Compare that to the physical conditioning of the average OWS protest who is young, fast and strong. The protesters are conditioned for endurance while the cops standing on the front lines carrying 30 pounds of riot gear and that much or more in paunch are built to stand and hold ground as well as mete out short burst of physical abuse. Going head to head against this wall of steroid enraged brutes with sticks, guns and sprays is simply crazy. The way you attack fat, out of cardio shape bankster enforcers is to out flank them. Protesters must stop being a battering ram and anvil to the police abuse. Instead go on the move. Start running but do so as one. Move as one. Imaging yourselves as one single organism moving for a purpose. Your goal is to defeat the corp'es, banksters, media liars and government officials involved in this Corzinian Swindle. The enemy uses our own police against us so we must retrain the police to work for the people. With a police force that is filled with overweight, out of shape bullies who are spoiling to bust somebody's head one doesn't stand there and accept blows like Jesus. YOU RUN!!!

Start running people and when you come upon a blockage by police then turn and run around the blockage. What the enemy fears most is movement, not the current movement itself sitting there immobilized. When each side begins to run which side will become tired first becoming useless for further engagement? I predict that is it the side with the spare tires, heavy gear and elderly members. I believe the young protesters could run circles around the police and really make their jobs miserable. In fact, the protesters would be doing the community good by weeding out the unfit cops who would soon tire of the Running Man Protest Treatment and quit. The police who remained on the force would become more angry at their bosses and increasingly side with protesters. Protesters could use bikes to move as well and communicate where to begin the run using social media. Then once the run begins protesters should have hand signals ready to communicate direction since the government has already shut down cell service and other communications at protests.

If you want to overwhelm this enemy and win then the answer is to move in large numbers, remain orderly and in good spirits as you move as one.


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