Thursday, June 09, 2011

Believe What You Like

I'm healthy - real healthy. I generally can work circles around the youngsters. I remember just a few years ago beating my sons and their friend in 1 on 3 basketball. I crushed them. The last time I got carded I was 42 years old! Why am I so blessed?

It's not just luck. It's a combination of my mother and my grandfather whom we all called "Hoppy." I'm not just talking about being endowed with their good genes although no doubt this is part of the reason for my good health. What I mean is their belief in natural living.

I was one of the few kids who was breast fed back in the 50's. Apparently, the corporations found a miracle cure for breast feeding back then that was better for the baby and convenient for the mother as well. Both proved to be incorrect however. We never had Cokes or candies just laying around for our consumption pleasure. It had to be a birthday or some other special occasion. Even then mom would give each of us a Dixie Cup full of soda (about 3 ounces). She'd steal the bulk of our Halloween candy while we slept, give it back out through the year for other occasions like Easter baskets or Christmas stocking and just lets us kids accuse each other of swiping our missing candy. We had no potato chips or other salty snacks. We ate little processed foods. Mom made meal from scratch using fresh food. Milk was freshly delivered from a local dairy.

Hoppy was the original Mr. Natural. He played baseball in college and was a bit of a fitness nut. Even in his early eighties he would walk twenty miles round trip touring D.C. Hoppy railed against over the counter medications and other "quackery" as he referred to modern medicine. He was big on sanitation and just avoiding germs. He had an innate fear of machines that could keep the body alive in a state where he would prefer death with dignity. Hoppy caused me to question things that most others in the 50's and 60's just accepted because it was announced on TV by "experts."

Now I'm racing towards my sixties having left an increasing large number of acquaintances in the dirt, so to speak. I see so many people around me desperate for some elixir to alleviate the pain caused unknowingly by their own hand. For many if not most the damage has already been done starting in childhood. There is not much that can be done at this point to save my peers.

However, there is still a chance we can save the kids growing up today. In a nutshell, go natural. So when the doctor tells you to use a fluoride toothpaste on your infant, thank him for the advice. But never put this rat poison in your baby. You see amigos, I believe these toxins are deliberately being forced on us to make us sick. That way big pharma has plenty of customers. Also big government can milk us during our productive years and never have to provide services for our promised golden years because we have been killed off in our fifties. Finally, these unnatural adulterants being added to our food, water, vaccines, etc., have lowered our capacity to think clearly as well as making us sick. We have become a nation of people too sick, tired and mentally fogged to have the energy to even fight for our freedom.

Foreign attackers have poisoned the well of nations they wished to destroy since before the beginning of recorded history. Whether you agree with me that this is a sneak attack or just coincident - the statistics prove conclusively that Americans are the sickest people on earth. So please permit me to give you my prescription for good health. Eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Grow your own as much as possible. Eat meat and fish but don't over cook them. Avoid all processed foods. If you are not preparing your meals from scratch how do you know what's in the food? Finally, get plenty of exercise and avoid the doctor unless something is worrying you that you can't cure yourself. Why? The fact is every time I've gone to the doctor they usually misdiagnosed the problem but prescribed a cure nonetheless for a disease that I didn't actually have. They've been trained in "medicine." If something ails you the doctors is going to dose you with something. It's what they do especially when big pharma owns and operates all the medical colleges and other medical related organizations. Doctors have to go along with the medicine show or be drummed out of the business.


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