Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's Math Stupid

When I was very young I was told that math was the most exact of the sciences. Indeed it is though I must confess I never mastered the higher forms of mathematics beyond adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing all of the basics like decimals, fractions, etc. I can solve rudimentary equations and understand the order of operation.

I'll bet half of the American public cannot even muster this amount of basic mathematical skills. Therefore they are doomed to accept the opinions of other "experts" on any question that requires more math than just counting up your change to make sure the clerk isn't cheating you. Beyond this region lies brain freeze, glazed over eyes and a jaw hanging open.

What the outcome is, for this half of the American public who are mathematically illiterate, is the world can be made to be anything by experts and they must believe it. The mathematically challenged do not possess the tools to check that something is even scientifically possible.

Take for example all of the welfare state promises. The math does not add up and this is especially so with a collapsing economy. The government crooks who for years have stolen the wealth of the American people knew they could never deliver the promised services. They have delayed the day of reckoning by borrowing from the future and now inflating the money supply to pay the bills.

However these crooks cannot change the outcome of mathematical reality. That reality includes lots of unemployed and underpaid employees losing ground due to inflationary price increases. Still half remain blissfully ignorant of the basic math behind the swindle of their lives. Many of the other half that can actually do the math choose to not do so and accept CNBC explanations of the world. Again this does not change reality which eventually means millions of Americans will come to realize they have been hoodwinked even if they don't understand the math. A few hundred million angry Americans is a dangerous mob.

Naturally the crooks in government realize this dilemma for their continued survival and plan to use the Department of Homeland Security and will soon deploy the military to crush the American public. My bet is with the cancellation of next year's NFL season the traitorous swindlers will unleash a pandemic which they will blame on nature. It will give them the cover to pull off the extermination of millions of Americans as well as millions of other pesky people around the world knave of all things mathematical but pissed off nonetheless. Of course they still have that missing cruise missile they could deploy to nuke an American city.

But these are complicated operations that depend on too many variables going favorably for the traitors. This is a way bigger operation than the Nazi extermination of the Jews. I don't think they can pull it off successfully though certainly they will give it their best shot.

So even if you can't add two and two - wash your hands and avoid city crowds. If you are not in the crowded city it will be more difficult for traitors who defy math and the American people to nuke or infect you.


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