Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Banned American Resources

Let's go over some basics to understand why we are doing so poorly now in such a resource rich country as the United States of America.

One of the biggest reasons for our downfall is we Americans are forbidden to develop our own natural resources and forced to buy them from international cartels. Why? Well the cartels own the dollar and all of our television networks and national newspapers. These enemy information attack weapons feed the American people nonsense 24/7 so people haven't a clue about what is going on in the world. They elect the wrong people to public office who do the bidding for the international cartel. The enemy networks omit many things from the public's perception especially the fact that we have abundant oil and natural gas reserves in America easily developed. However, these inexpensive reserves are roped off by the international cartels who make us dependent on their expensive foreign oil. The enemy media spouts nonsense about pollution to block development of such resources like the natural gas reserves under the Chesapeake Bay which are enormous. Also oil that we could pull out of the ground in Montana where an enormous quantity sits unused could be extracted safely and cleanly. Instead Americans haven't even heard about this oil and let foreigner BP drill 5000 feet at the sea bed.

Look I'm tired of traitors being foisted on me by voters too stupid to ignore obvious disinformation used to control and confuse the public. The Energy Department was created during the Carter Administration to get the U.S. energy independent. The reality is it has been under the control of the foreign cartel and we are way worse now than during Mr. Peanut's presidency.

Wake up people! Don't you care about your country? We are being robbed and strangled by a foreign cartel. We are finished if Americans can't recognize this attack soon. What can Americans do to reverse this attack?

Begin by not voting for any politician who have ever voted to support the Federal Reserve Board. Next, demand that American resources be open for development on the mainland where they can be safely exploited. This will create millions of jobs while lowering the costs of energy for Americans and the profits of the cartel that is now attacking us to bring Americans to their knees. Any politician that favors the foreign cartel oil over American oil and gas must me defeated as soon as possible. Finally a word to well intentioned environmentalists. If you think 300 million Americans struggling to find work in an energy starved economy will be good for mother earth I have another perspective for you. Think civil war and the scorched battle fields as well as destroyed cities.

Wouldn't it be better to pump American crude and gas which we have plenty of despite what the liars on the enemy networks claim? There are many ways to mitigate the real damage that could be caused by extracting and burning these domestic fuels. It would certainly be safer to do this than continue to buy foreign cartel oil which is slopped over here fouling the ocean by tankers and sea oil wells.

Please spread this message to help defeat the invading cartel and their lackeys in the network media.



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