Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Naked Emperors' Trial

Politicians like the local ones in Gainesville seen here in this video really come off like the sniveling cowards that they are. "Home of the Brave?" PLEASE!!! Give me a break. These representatives foisted onto a duped public in actuality are representative of the American political class. They are a band of connected, cowardly criminals who for the most part agree with the rest of us that we do not have the whole story about 9/11. But they realize if they say "peep" about it then they lose their media gravy train and all the baubles needed to be reelected to their cosy jobs. Better to shut up like cowards and keep the green rolling in during the depression.

But I have hope that there are still real good old-fashion Americans like the ones you'll also see in the video who have courage and conviction and principles. These virtuous Americans are just the kind of people that the new world order wants to snuff out. I know damn well these Americans are scared too. So what they have courage. They have guts. While they stood up and spoke the truth these representatives of the political ruling class could not even look these people in the eye.

Come on Americans! The truth about the 9/11 attack is an open secret. The truth is everybody knows the truth has not come out yet. A murder of 3000 Americans and this criminal band we call our government hasn't even secured one real conviction for the crimes. Not even one bureaucrat was punished for this failure. Steel framed skyscrapers drop out of the sky as fast or faster than a rock. The truth is in your face. What is that going to be?

Let me tell you how it is going to be because I'm an American of Cuban decent and in both case from ancestors who fought government for their rights. There are a dwindling number of groups in America these days that matter.

There is the majority who fall into two categories - the vastly ignorant and the cowardly. The cowardly are people like these Gainesville politicos who didn't have anything to do with the crimes but will not take a stand for fear of losing their perks. The ignorant on the other hand are so lazy and preoccupied with nonsense that they have not even bothered to examine the vast quantity of evidence from "INDEPENDENT" experts that prove beyond doubt that treason was committed and since that day the bulk of the politicians are suspects for misprision of treason for knowing but not doing their duty to investigate the treason.

There is also a growing minority of Americans who know the basic truth. Once we realized the truth about the corruption at the top that is still propped up by cowards in government and network media, we began forming an army of resistance. Our army grows larger and stronger every day. In the ranks of our army are great people with courage like the folks testifying before the cowards behind the lectures. Sure many of the Americans in this growing army have guns but that is just a last resort defense mechanism. The real weapon we possess is the truth about 9/11. Politicians are so afraid these days that they will be confronted by members of this growing American army that they are not making public appearances any longer. At the same time their criminal policies have driven the other ignorant Americans into the streets where our army of brave Americans is telling them the truth about 9/11.

And so our army of the brave grows stronger. The truth is there are tens of millions of Americans who know the truth about 9/11 and the criminality at the top and that includes a great many cops, members of the military and other good, honest Americans in government. None of us will stand for any further attacks on our country by traitors masquerading as our protectors.

Wouldn't it be better to just come clean? I'd even favor amnesty for those involved or at least a reduced sentence especially for those who come clean first. What do you say George? The reason is this would cut through all of the nonsense and get right at the truth. By doing that we could do the right thing as real Americans and that would begin by removing our troops from occupations based on bold faced lies by traitors. Once there has been an awakening there can be a rapid shift away from policies that have bankrupted America, enraged the people of other nations scapegoated by our fake terror wars and in general call into question everything as we have been led to believe to be true. We have allowed the network media to be our spectacles with which we view the world and we Americans have made a spectacle of ourselves as a result for the whole world to see. That's a shame.

Wouldn't it be better to put the shame where it belongs? When enough Americans realize the truth then they will bring the traitors to justice before the whole world to see. Naturally our people's investigation will also uncover corruption that has its tentacles running deep into many other nations. This could set off a wave of investigations by the people worldwide. Perhaps the citizens could hold their own trials and I'd suggest the first indicted individual be Dick Cheney. Try him in abstentia and even get him a Court appointed lawyer to plead Dick's case. Citizen trials could be broadcast over the Internet and perhaps Judge Napolitano could preside. At the end of the trial Americans could log on and give their verdict. A guilty verdict should mean the appropriate authorities should launch a criminal case in the appropriate jurisdictions such as New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania where the crimes were committed. If not the politicians must be removed from office at the first opportunity and replaced with ones who will do their Constitutional duty. That duty most surely would include prosecuting the former office holders for not doing their duty.

If you current office holders think that was a shot over your bows - bingo! Stop acting like the criminals holding office in Gainesville and start acting like Americans or you will hang with the traitors.


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