Monday, December 20, 2010

Another CIA Christmas Attack

Here you can read the very latest CIA propaganda warning of a terrorist attack in DC or NY city. They are really pushing the angle that it will be sponsored by Iran with perhaps an assist from Venezuela. While the pretext is absolute nonsense, the threat of an attack should be taken very seriously. When the CIA warns they will attack us they attack us either directly or using dupes and fools.

I suspect they have something planned that is so dastardly that it could kill thousands of Americans and inflame the population into another war based on lies and scapegoats. Nonetheless this next false flag attack could be thwarted if everybody stays home for Christmas. Stay with your family, rob the CIA of their political targets for assassination plus deny the elite all of the revenue they won't be getting from travel.

Of course even this sensible measure won't help if the Agency decides to go with the nuclear option. There is still the matter of that missing nuclear cruise missile. However, a weapon of that magnitude would be a tough sell to blame on the Iranians or Hugo Chavez. Even so these are some sick psychopaths pulling the levers of government behind the curtain of the public's perception. They could do just about anything and given enough time certainly will.


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