Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's War With Iran Worth?

Once the shooting starts you will pay over five bucks a gallon for gas, perhaps ten. But that's the good news. The worst scenarios include Russian and China weighing in on Iran's side and this whole thing blowing up into a nuclear war. Should that occur only the elites will live because they have great bomb shelters. If you don't have one and are advocating war with Iran then you are a damn fool.

But on the bright side the fools will not pass on their genes after the smoke clears. That's the plan. The elites think most of you are too stupid to be allowed to continue to breed and keep stinking up their planet with your living and with your kids and carbon butt print and whatnot. They will stay cosy in their bunkers while we're toasted on the surface.

Is Iran more dangerous that that?


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