Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rulers' Blunder

As far back as I remember I've been promoting the blessings of liberty while those around me never gave it a second thought. Around family gatherings my mom would always say to the rest of my kin, "don't get him started." Naturally my brother Pat took that as his Que to get me started.

Fast forward to today. We brethren of the liberty movement in doing our research on these ideas came to realize long ago that at the end of the collectivist tunnel laid this economic fiasco. That's why we are ready with the answers to problems - liberty. We've been practicing for decades for this moment in time so we would be ready to react. It's a good thing too because without logical answers there would be far more chaos and the government would have already cracked down.

However, what has happened all around the nation is millions of regular Americans just like Pat and my mom are up in arms and they are repeating all the words they used to tease me about to get a rise out of me. Fortunately it appears that all the things we lovers of liberty warned our loved ones about sunk in. The government's actions have startled them awake.

So they begin to protest - for the very first time in their lives. They do so believing it is still a free country where one can express an opinion. Now they are shocked to discover that this same group of blundering idiots in the government who have so ruined the economy are now labeling folks like mom and my brother as terrorists. Obama, the democrat and republican leadership as well as their supporters in America and in foreign lands believe they can scare people like my mother and brother Pat.

Do they know who they are screwing with? All of you son of a bitches from Obama on up to his foreign handlers pulling the strings of our government and yanking the chains of our lives have made a giant blunder. History will show you for the fools that you are. You have made the classic mistake. You have tried to fool all the people all the time. Then when you failed you began calling us crazy, radical and terrorist. You have poked our hive in your desperation to go back to the way it was before regular people caught on to your deceit.

Now you have got the American public up in arms. Each new blunder that you perpetrate will dig you a deeper grave. Those of you that claim to represent the people had better decide which side you are on - the people and liberty or the enemy and their tyranny. You better decide soon. Our ranks swell to greater number every day.


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