Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Government Controlling Costs Is Witch Doctor Economics

One of the speaking points used by the collectivists that hope to gain control of your health decisions is the notion that government is needed to control costs of medical procedures. POPPYCOCK!!!

This is pure idiocy which any individual possessing at least the intelligence of a five year old can understand. Just the idea that government can change economic laws of motion in an economy is as silly as government believing it can alter the laws of physics. In fact, I find it mind boggling that there is even a call for a debate on this topic.

I have tried so very hard during the past years of my adult life to find the right words to make apparent what to me I found easy to see. In the past I was wasting my breath because no one was paying attention. Now that the government has gotten your attention with their corruption and malfeasance, I shall try one more time to get a simple idea across to those who still do not comprehend basic laws of our universe that we all must live by including governments.

Costs, amigos, is a reflection of the supply of a particular good or service in relation to the demand for that service until a price is settled on by the transacting parties. The price equation also includes the value of the money itself in a fiat monetary system such as ours where the central bankers can increase or decrease the quantity of currency in circulation at their whim. This is how the cost of anything is arrived at and in the long run Congress can't do a damn thing about it except interfere temporarily and cause costs to be shifted to the unsuspecting payers.

Therefore, the interference currently by our government in health care where they offer "free" medical procedures to the old and poor but only pay part of the bill, has driven up the cost for medical care for people like you and me who don't get "free" health care. Our payments to the doctor or hospital include a percentage that pays for that "free" health care for the old and poor that the government already offers. Now add to that the Federal Reserve Board constantly inflating the supply of money and health care cost must ride right along with the waves of freshly created money. It's the law remember? supply...price.

However, just as the unseen microbes killed millions of people until civilization realized what was going on, this faux debate on repealing economic laws of the universe is nothing more than witch doctor economics. It will not cure the attempted violations of economic law. The government health care advocates are simply dancing over you with snakes and rattles to cure your disbelief that government could cure anything.


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