Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hijacking Candidate Nomination

One of the main reasons why we will lose our sovereignty and our personal liberty is due to the way we now nominate our candidates for public office. The process has been hijacked by the very destroyers of America.

First let me say that these foreign attackers don't actually wish to destroy America per se. No...they want to change it to a more manageable free range slave colony operation similar to the Chinese model. These snakes in the grass knew they had to wrestle the reins of government away from the American voters and into their hip pockets. This has been accomplished with incredible ease. All the invaders had to do is gain control over all the network media that the silly childish Americans actually believe is "independent." Then the scum bombard the airwaves with none stop blathering about the politicians that they want running the show for them. The good politicians that would save America get completely blacked out by the networks and in effect are not nominated for public office. Then when a decent politician like Ron Paul finally breaks through the blackout the foreign invaders have their media network info weapon demonize, marginalize and chastise him before the duped American public who will believe anything as long as it's televised.

Oooo! Tea party Americans are really pissed off now and will vote the bums out of office the very next opportunity. Sadly, it will not make a dimes worth of difference to our fate since Americans will likely vote for the next corrupt politico offered up by the very same snake oil big network media. Those replacement politicians, like the ones we are saddled with currently, are compromised by the attackers or they would not be nominated in the first place. That means for example, Obama would not be nominated by the foreign attacker's network media unless they had the goods on him like the fact he was born in Kenya and not Constitutionally fit to hold the highest office in the land. Once ensconced comfortably into the White House Obama has to do what his black mailers demand or else he will be exposed by the very same media that nominated him. Just look at the legislation that he and the Congress have advanced thus far and it is easy to see who his bosses are. It sure as hell ain't us!


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