Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Fourth Of July Problem

The cabal of bankers and multinational corporations that are losing their grip on power over the planet are very desperate. The Fourth of July presents big problems for these lazy leeches. Americans will come together as usual but this go around the crowds will be filled with millions of patriots handing out literature on liberty and explaining the rulers' plans for us.

So for the scum of the earth this could be an excellent time to launch another false flag attack to scatter us like the scared sheep that we have become as Americans. Going by recent history, the preferred method for carrying out an attack on us is to first put the bombs where the rogues want the terrorist attack to occur. Then the vipers use dupes or remote control to explode the bombs at the time of their choosing. The ensuing chaos gives the very attackers new opportunities to grab more power and further reduce our freedom and privacy.

Naturally, if rogues in our government under the total control of the foreign attackers are instructed by them to sow chaos again to handle their American problem, then the attack will occur early in the Eastern U.S. on Independence Day. That will be the best way to keep the rest of America home on the Fourth of July. Remember, Americans coming together uniting for liberty on any day is the last thing these evil snakes want.


Blogger Ms Calabaza said...

Wishing you and yours a great 4th of July buddy!

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