Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthers, Truthers & Fear - Oh My

You know amigos, the traitorous scum that believes they can hijack America are adopting another Soviet tactic - labeling defenders of the American republic as insane. Chris Mathews is the latest media maggot to do so. That's okay...call me a birther or a truther. But don't call me what Chris Mathews is - a liar!
He is one of the media scum that is aiding in the overthrow of our country. Therefore, he is a traitorous dog which places him squarely in the enemy's camp. If this son of a bitch asserts that anything is this way or that - you must assume the opposite to be true.
He calls me crazy for wondering where all the military grade high explosive nano-thermite came from that has been positively identified all over ground zero in New York. He thinks me insane because I refuse to believe Obama is American born since he refuses to show his birth certificate to me. However, I feel you'd have to be stupid or complicit in perpetrating these crimes against my country if you agree with Mathews' feeble ignorance.
So remember amigos. Chris Mathews IS a traitor!


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