Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Decapitate The Foreign Occupiers

As it becomes obvious to even the most feeble minded Americans that the United States federal government is totally corrupt and under the command of the foreign bankers/multinational corporations we do have one last ace in the hole to legally decapitate these traitors. The states must call for a Constitutional Convention and the sooner the better. The longer we wait the more pain Americans will endure and the harder it will be to remove the criminals from power short of violent revolution. As the states are left financially broke and holding the empty bag the state leaders should be very amenable to this process. Here is what should be on the agenda for this convention.

1. Removal of Obama/Biden from the White House and elimination of all powers they held legally or other wise.

2. Removal of every Congressman and U.S. Senator from office.

3. Removal of every Supreme Court judge and all federal judges from the bench.

4. Initiate a real investigation of the 9/11 coup which thus far has been covered up by the above mentioned former employees of the invaders.

5. Appoint a new president and vice president agreeable to the majority of states. I recommend Ron Paul for president and Dennis Kucinich for vice president.

6. Eliminate the IRS and all federal bureaucracies and agencies not specifically legal under the U.S. Constitution and raise revenue from the land location value tax. The income tax, taxes on profits and capital gains must be outlawed.

7. Place all military and federal law enforcement assets under the immediate control of the Constitutional Convention.

8. Eliminate the Federal Reserve and relegalize gold and silver currency.

9. Change the national government to be run directly by the state legislators using teleconferences. The U.S. Congress should be abolished forever.

10. Recognize that the the old U.S. Constitution has been readopted and that it means exactly what is written literally and can never be reinterpreted - only amended legally under the dictates of the U.S. Constitutional process.

The above suggestions for the convention are only starting points. Surely there will a great deal more to do once power has been ripped from the clutches of these traitors and Americans discover the crimes committed by them. However, this is our last hope short of violent revolution like our forefathers had to resort to in order to break free from the corrupt government of the day - the British crown.

We are in a race against time. The invaders hope to make Americans despirate and willing to accept all of the illegal attacks on our sovereignty. Remember, in Washington DC the economy is fine. The rest of America is populated by the destitute suckers paying the bills of the D.C. traitors.


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