Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Raul's Cuban Company Store

Raul's Cuban
Company Store

The trouble we Cubanos
face is most people of the world are unaware of the duel economy setup in Cuba that operates exactly like the old mining company towns. Everything was owned by the mine right down to the script money that mine employees were forced to use. Non Cubans don't realize that Raul bills the world for goods and services in hard currency like dollars, euros and pounds. Then he pays Cubans who do the work in useless pesos which only can be used in state stores with nothing available to buy.

That's why it's important to change the debate about the embargo and get out ahead of a modification of the law rather than have something shoved down our throats again. Remember, unlike in the past when the USSR was footing the bill, now Raul's got no cash to in reality buy anything from America. Selling to us would still be in effect restricted by the economic reality of a high tariff until things democratize. Travel, except for exile Cubans would remain banned until apartheid ended along with dollar restrictions. Raul will nix these things.

In other words keep the embargo in place but make it Raul's fault while exposing the ineptness of socialism to produce wealth.


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