Monday, June 11, 2007

Strategic Retreat

Strategic Retreat

Is it time to redeploy our forces? I was thinking... It appears the rest of the world is bent on ending this notion known as the "embargo" or as the Castro boys call it the blockade. Even Dr. Farinas last night on the phone from Cuba called for it's lifting. Maybe it's time we called for an end but under our conditions.

What? Have I gone mad? Hear me out. The embargo is a fantasy used by government to hide the truth of the incompetent Cuban socialist nightmare. Everything wrong with Cuba is blamed on this ghost. But the reality is, if there were no embargo in place Raul would be unable to buy much more than he can right now. They have no disposable wealth and are not going to have any until the commies go. So if we switched gears and now called for the lifting of the embargo as exiles, but under this strict provision of CASH AND CARRY ONLY, then we could expose the regime's failures once and for all. The Cuban government does not have a customer base problem and adding more American customers for produces like Cuban cigars will not help boost production and thereby increase sales. Maybe we should call for an end to the embargo but under these strict conditions:

A. All sales to Cuba must be paid for with cash.

B. All transactions with the Cuban government will be under "American beware" policy. The transacting American parties assumes all risk for any endeavor.

C. All products sold by Cuba to America will have a tariff placed on them until the regime changes to a democratic one. The tariff should be at least 100%.

D. Products or intellectual property deemed vital for national security would of course be banned for export.

E. American investment in Cuba itself should remain banned until private property rights are restored and restitution is made for past theft.

F. None of these Congressional Acts should begin to take place until Cuba legalizes using dollars in Cuba and stops taxing the use at 20%. Once they agree to this then a transition period for travel would be permitted but only for Cubans living in the US who have ties to the island.

G. Other Americans should not be permitted into Cuba until the regime ends the apartheid tourism and cracks down of the exploitation of Cubans for cheap sex especially with minors. The Cuban government should be made to agree with the US that they will jointly go after the felons who rape little Cuban boys and girls.

But here's the reality Cubanos. The regime will never go for these terms. However, where will the ball be? It will be squarely in their court. Unfortunately for them what will they be able to complain about? Maybe they will demand that apartheid remains or that dollars are not legal or remain taxed too high. Who will look bad? Not the US or we exiles. Are they going to stand up for sex tourism? Maybe they'll cry about the cash only or the seller beware provision as a reason not to take the deal. But the American tax payer and the rest of the world already shafted by the Castro boys will think us wise. What this plan would do is in reality keep the embargo in place but make it Cuba's fault not ours. We could find easy Congressional approval for this measure if we exiles support it. Then Raul would need to explain to Cubans why the embargo must remain in place - not us for a change.


Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The idea behind this strategy is to change the debate from:

Cubans are poor because of the embargo.


Cubans can't buy anything from America because they make no money in Cuba as it's illegal to do so.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Vana said...

I'm all for it Tomas, if only we were united, if only it would work, am ready to see an end to all this embargo ( on paper of course) bullshit, that has not worked in 48 years

2:40 PM  
Blogger Roberto Jesus Companioni said...

this is a good idea but for now we should stress that we have become the number one exporter of food to cuba as well as illuminate the amount of business that the regime does with the rest of the world such as spain, canada, italy france, ect and the fact that in fifteen years of these joint business ventures the cuban cartel still has not changed or liberalized. In essence we should debunk the embargo which has been changed by the cuban democracy act of 1996 and that already includes the crucial cash only provision.
finally we should not forget to ask what the criminal cartel did with the 150 billion that it received from the soviets over 30 years-----they weren't worried about any "embargo" then were they?
nuff said

4:10 AM  

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