Sunday, June 10, 2007



It's not what you think it means. It should mean Main Stream Manipulators. Cubans know full well how the MSM has kept Fidel in power for 48 years by being manipulated by the all time manipulator himself. So what makes you think these power elite will not do everything to slant your views their way? The ruling neo-conservatives in the Republican and Democrat parties have just about consolidated their stranglehold on power. If you believe them about their big main stream media candidates like Thompson, Rudy and Mitt then you might as well fall for the Castro stuff too. The neo-cons have a sure fire formula to control you. They tell you who to vote for on TV, don't even mention principled leaders like Ron Paul and when that doesn't work they attack him personally and marginalize him.

Good luck Ron Paul. I voted for you for president in 1988 and I will most certainly do so if given the opportunity again.


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