Sunday, June 10, 2007

Single Payer My Ass

Single Payer My Ass

Look at this Youtube sent to me by Frank Gonzalez that aptly demonstrates national government health care. Everyone's heard that time is money. Occasionally, time can be your life. That's what Ben Franklin said, "Doth thou love life? Then waste not time. For that's the stuff life's made of."

These arrogant ignoramuses running our government continue to search for ways to care for us using our own money and time. But this fact now is perfectly clear. We all would be far better off if only we owned our time, money and body. Sadly, in all nations the government or individuals claim some or all of these human resources given to us all by the Creator. It is also plainly clear that the areas like North Korea and Cuba, where the state owns the lion's share of Creator provided individual resources normally used for survival, that people are the poorest. Likewise, Canadians having little ownership in their health care personal resources are getting life threatening medical care. Ironically, Canadians are also suffering mistreatment trying to seek a fun holiday in Cuba for cheap. I say let the punishment fit the crime.


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