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"The Runs Turned Into Blood"

"The Runs Turned Into Blood"

Club Amigo Atlantico Mike and Jo ~ Canada
February 2006

We arrived at club Amigo in Holguin Cuba at 2:00 pm on the 18th of January .Our whole group that flew in from Toronto from Sunquest had been over booked. We sat in the lobby with our luggage till almost 7:30 pm that night. We were put in a part of the resort we were told by the staff that was shut down. We saw why really quick the rooms were very run down they had roaches, no running water, very dirty. We were told we would have to stay there for two days because there was nothing else available so for both nights we slept over the blankets not opening any of our luggage so we would not get any bugs.

On the Friday we were told to be at the desk for 10:00 am to fix this mess, but of coarse the rooms were not ready by this time there were some of the people in our group yelling at the staff we were keeping our cool as much as we could .We were told to come back at 2:00 pm .At 2:00 we returned sure enough they still were not ready now we were told 4:30 at this time they said a bit longer this is were we said enough everyone else at this point had their rooms but us .We asked them why cause we did not scream at them finally we were given a room not the one we were suppose to get because that room did not have a safe that worked we were told not too many safes worked they had a problem with that .

Our new room did not have bugs but was not much better air conditioner only worked when it felt like it we had hot water only two times on our whole trip never got face cloths received one new towel the whole trip only because it was soaking wet the maid had no choice to give us a new one. We spoke to the sunquest agent at the resort he apologized and told us we could be compensated for it .At first he told us we would get a bottle of rum , then he said a tour to Holguin but did not impress us because by this point we already lost almost two days we don’t want to loose another day being on a bus going sight seeing , then he wanted to give us a lobster dinner that I’m not that fussy on , then he told us we would all receive some money back on our trip from Sunquest at the end of the trip it was a different story and said we’d have to talk to our travel agent .

This resort was supposed to be a three and a half star I would of gave it a two. Threw the whole resort there was so much damaged starting with lamp posts broken wires hanging out , cement slabs cracked over holes were someone heavy enough could have went threw no warning signs , the couches in the lobby very dirty, ripped , springs broke , the curtains in most of the rooms were hanging half on the rods .

In the week we were there we saw the pool get cleaned only twice, watched one of the chamber maids cleaning in the lobby with toilet paper as a rag, witch was surprising because we had trouble getting it for our room, we had to go to the front desk to get some they would not put any in the rooms when they were cleaning. Threw the whole resort you could smell the sewer system that I don’t think worked real well.

During the week almost everyone we talked to had got some type of bug that stayed with them for at least 24 hours upset stomach the runs and cramping. On the Monday my husband got it, he had to stay close to our room so he could get to the washroom quick, the day we left to come home I started the cramping and sure enough that night the runs started the next day the pains became more intense and the runs turned into blood I was rushed to the hospital. I spent six days getting tests taken that weren’t all that pleasant , blood work to were my arms are so bruised ,my blood count dropped to a level were I was almost given a transfusion . In the end the doctors said it was a bad bug I brought back from Cuba. I lost all together 8 days of work because of this. This was the worst trip of my life more like scary make’s me look twice at whom I book with or their standards.


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