Friday, April 13, 2007

Revolutionary Irresponsibility

Revolutionary Irresponsibility

I've put many bits of information about how Cuba is a toxic wasteland. Here is the reason that is so. In many mid-sized Cuban cities there is only one septic tanker pumping truck provided by the government. Half the time it does not run. The fact is the guy who drives it prefers it that way because he's getting a check either way. So septic tanks overflow and ooze into the water table all over the place constantly. Here that would never be allowed to happen. In Cuba the citizens can legally throw their hands up in the air. The state has taken responsibility for pumping out septic tanks but decided it had more important things to do with the little wealth that they extract from the populace. Cuban factories dump directly into the waterways because Castro doesn't want to lose profit margin with expensive pollution controls. He could buy these things anywhere except the US or manufacture them in Cuba but he chooses not to. This has nothing to do with the embargo. He has embargoed his people from working for themselves. They must work for Castro so they produce very little wealth. It's barely enough to keep them in bread and sugar water after Castro and his cronies grab their big cut. How much work would you put in for a wage of 50 cents a day? Embargo...ha!


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