Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hidden Cuban Crime Wave

Hidden Cuban Crime Wave

You see Europeans, Canadians and others traveling to Cuba or planning to in the future. There is an increasing number of tourist crime victims in Cuba these days due to the imminent collapse of their economy. Unfortunately you won't hear about most of these cases for several reasons. Obviously, the Cuban government does everything possible to restrict news of crime in Cuba. They swoop in after the crime, get the facts, constantly remind the victim that crime happens everywhere and make it appear that they are trying to solve the case. The still dazed tourist then returns home and waits. But nothing happens and soon the traveler is feeling very silly for spending thousands of dollars to go to Cuba only to live in crappy hotels, eat bad food and be a victim of crime. Most simply keep quiet about it except complaining to their own government. Unlike the complicit Spanish government, many nations are now warning their citizens about crime in Cuba because they receive more of these complaints every day.

Here's what the Australian says about crime in Cuba.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


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