Friday, April 13, 2007

Beware Sunwing Travel

Beware Sunwing Travel

Some Canadians are not happy with their treatment and some even have trouble speaking English over this. Well, they talk with incomplete sentences like when they say this bad treatment is caused by the embargo but don't finish the sentence. Okay so that was a run on and this is my incomplete sentence: Stupid travelers! HOW DOES THE EMBARGO DO THIS? HOW? Saying the embargo is what is wrong with Cuba but not saying how that is so is rediculous. What if I said Canadians are so stupid because of the embargo! Shouldn't I have to explain how that might be so? Until even one of you can rationally explain to me HOW the US embargo makes Cuba poor I will continue to say Canadians are stupid because of the embargo. Cubans are poor you stupid idiots because Raul Castro pays them 50 cents a day and keeps the remaining thousands of dollars you tourist suckers pay him - for himself. You selfish SOBs should start thinking about the Cuban people and forget your ruined vacations! And by the way...those family members down in Cuba with no water ought to thank God! Tell your poor parents to get the hell out of that country before they drink the water! IDIOTS!!!

Look here you fools and I hope that everyone who blames the embargo for Cuba's misery will travel there immediately and drink some water! IDIOTS!!!


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