Thursday, April 12, 2007

No Sanitation for Tourist to Cuba

No Sanitation for Tourist to Cuba

Here is an unseen reality that most tourists in Cuba must face. The aquifer that supplies your water needs in Havana runs under the Almendares River – just about the most polluted river in the world. Oh sure you drink bottled water right? Yes but that drinking glass at the bar or restaurant provided to you, even if they wash it with detergent, will be run under tap water to rinse off the soap. The socialist economy that forbids Cubans to earn wealth for themselves does not produce enough capital to purchase proper dishwashers, hot water heaters or electric to run them consistently - even if they did have these vital sanitation needs for tourists. So microbe contaminated tap water rinses your drinking glass off before you use it. Now do you see why so many tourists are getting stomach trouble in Cuba? Also remember that those Cuban hand handling your food and other needs have not had benefit of regular toilet paper since '59. Check under their fingernails people!

If Raul abdicated his throne today I would not dare go to Cuba until I had done these things:

1. See a doctor to get hepatitis immunizations and malaria pills and other travel advice
2. Mosquito netting for sleeping, deet repellent and adequate clothing to prevent bites from the dengue fever carriers
3. Bring enough bottled water to sustain me while I’m there.
4. Paper cups to drink from and paper plate and plastic utensils for eating
5. Sterilizing wipes and a first-aid kit

These are just the first things right off the top of my head that I’d bring but I’m sure I’ll add to this list once I think about it for a while. But remember, Castro has turned Cuba into a toxic waste dump that will take decades to clean up once they are driven from oppressing the Cuban people. All Cuban industry will need to be shut down immediately so the dumping of toxins can stop immediately. They will not be allowed to begin operating again until enough wealth is generated by Cubans to manufacture in only environmentally healthy ways.


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