Friday, January 11, 2013

Take Your Kids Out Of Schools

Public school has been worse than worthless for longer than I've been alive and that was when they were only dumbing the children down. Now the government filth has decided they will murder as many kids as necessary to guilt trip gun owners into giving up their weapons.

Instead the first thing all gun owners should do next Monday morning is to withdraw their children from schools. Sending the kids into protection free zones would be bad enough but now the rogues who have commandeered the reins of this government are going to keep murdering these innocent students for political purposes.

This sounds too ridiculous to be believed so most parents will continue to send their children into the protection free kill zones known as public schools. Still the odds of any particular child being murdered by the government rogues is small. But somebody's children are scheduled to be murdered by the filth of the earth. Only if millions of Americans pull their children out of schools might it shock the scum who have been perpetration these crimes into ceasing this crime wave.

I plead with gun owners. Please remove your children from schools. Let the liberal aspartame brained parents send their kids to school to be shot up by government hit teams. Liberals are the idiots who trust the government with their lives. Children of gun owners need to come down with the blue flu, stay out of school and continue to do so until the traitors have been apprehended, tried, convicted and sent to the gallows for their heinous crimes.


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