Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Alex Jones Spanks Piers Morgan - The Dino Doctrine

There are no examples of redcoat butts getting kicked that badly since Andrew Jackson. Mr. Jones did so well CNN ran him out of the studio before allowing him to debate Alan Dershowitz, who is a poster child for unamerican filth. Dershowitz is one of the political priest class members who look down their snobby noses at us the little people who actually pay taxes and such. He is a person who feels contempt for the rest of us and curses silently having to share the planet with us. Alan would just as soon kill us which of course is his real reason for wanting our guns. He and the members of the crime gang have been involved in heinous high crimes and treason. Mr. Jones broached the topic of 9/11 as well as the other false flags this government's rogues have been responsible for until CNN's stage hands ran Alex off.

But Alex is not perfect though who among us is? Overall I think he did a good job and most people who viewed the spectacle came away feeling positive about Alex or curious to find out more about him. Essentially, in a nutshell, Piers was warning Americans not to put that Alex Jones bean up their nose.

Still to critique Alex, he did about a 90% effective job, which is to say a rout of Piers Morgan. The one simple argument that Piers attempted to make was that England has 30 gun murders a year and America has 3000 if one discounts the 7000 that are drug war turf related. If not one must conclude that the St. Valentines Day Massacre had nothing to do with Prohibition. To smash this line of argument using statistically slanted perspectives, first it must be pointed out that the victim has no preference to how they are murdered because they are dead whether from sticks and stones or a bullet. That's important when one considers the Dino Doctrine.

What the hell is the Dino Doctrine one might ask? Well Dino was a school friend from back in the 70's. We called him sissy boy or queer-bait and other terms of our affection. But don't get me wrong. We all cared for Dino greatly and were perhaps a bit jealous of his way with the ladies. Dino was sort of the gay heterosexual and you know how women feel all comfortable around homosexual men. He was getting laid left and right. As teenaged boys do we'd take a poke at one another and Dino would always cover his head and plead, "Don't hit me in the face, man! Don't hit me in the face!"

To sum up, Dino was a lover not a fighter. He carried a big leather bag everywhere which we slack jawed male youths referred to as his purse. "Don't forget your purse sissy." We'd say then Dino would immediately correct us using his best fake macho voice. "That's shoulder bag." Be that as it may, Dino always was dressed sharp with all the signs of being wealthy. "Rich boy," was another name we had for him as his family was rather well to do. So one night as he exited the Seven Eleven in the wee hours of the morning he was unlocking his van when three large men began to approach him. One asked as they got to around fifteen feet away, "Hey what you got in the bag, buddy." As usual Dino had his three shot derringer in that bag, illegally of course as Maryland is largely a self defense free zone. Concealed carry is usually only available if one has elite connections. Dino reached into his purse or bag or whatever and pulled his gun. He shot one bullet into the air never saying a word. He told me he never saw three guys run so fast in the other direction. Naturally I at first wondered why he wasted one of only three bullets when he had three adversaries. Then I remembered Dino and his fear of blood. He couldn't have actually shot any of the three thugs because he'd of fainted at the sight of their blood. Just the same the gun worked to solve the problem.

Okay Piers 3000 die here each year from bullets forgetting about your drug war turf deaths. Not even considering the government menace whenever historically they get a monopoly on firearms, how many are saved like Dino using a gun? I'd reckon tens of thousands of lives are unceremoniously saved by guns every year. Just because the government can't and won't record these successful self defense statistics using firearms nor the network media acknowledge them does not mean they do not occur. However Piers wants to save 3000 murder victims by disarming the tens of thousands of other victims that we all know will show up on the statistics after guns are banned. Even then guns are used illegally in self defense considering the Dino Doctrine.

The Dino Doctrine states that one does not need to die or get hit in the face by criminals just because one is not a young brute oneself or a member of the armed government class. The Dino Doctrine thrives under the believe that no matter what the damn law says, a person should be able to defend themselves from offenders without having to train like Bruce Lee.


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