Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Owners Pick A Target - New York

First before proceeding further, I'd like to welcome all of you gun owners to our club of victimized Americans. Some of us smoke cigarettes, consume illegal drugs imported by the CIA, prefer to live without vaccines, consume raw milk, etc. The one thing we all have in common is we have been demonized and targeted by the government for enhanced taxation right through to being forced into their slave labor prison industry camps and factories.

Next I'll mention our mutual difficulty changing things. That being the old mainstream media is totally monopolized by the government and our elections have been effectively neutralized for representative government. Now all of us find we are the targets of this out of control government manipulated by foreign bankers and domestic traitors. They feel they have a lock on power and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

That bravado by traitors and invaders alike hopefully will unite all of us in liberty. You all go ahead and smoke those cig's, do whatever drugs you like, have as many guns as you feel comfortable with, etc. The fact is these scumbags have targeted more than half the American public in their various dehumanization campaigns and many victims now want to act out violently as a solution. That government tactic will only make things worse and provide the foreign bankers ample opportunity to finish us off. Instead pick a target that all of us detest and go on the counter attack. I suggest New York. New York really has been begging for it passing gun bans in the middle of the night. Plus New York financially is in a bloated, weak condition as a result of their collectivist ways. Finally, Cuomo and New York want to lead the nation in grabbing all of our guns. Instead lets all shove that right back up to where the sun don't shine!

Like the taco sauce advertisement says, "New York City!!!" Our American victims coalition must change that to the entire empire state. We must begin a total boycott of everything New York. Certainly I realize this will hurt many innocent New Yorkers economically. But this is better medicine for them than being jailed for protecting themselves with guns or dieing unarmed from a criminal. So the faster and more total this boycott the more pain it will cause New Yorkers. New Yorkers will immediately look for a scapegoat and it won't be our Victims of Government Violence Coalition. It will be Mario Cuomo's fat ass with the scapegoat target plastered on it.

A total boycott of all things New York would not even take three months before their legislature would be meeting in emergency session to undo the treason that Cuomo is implementing. Better yet Cuomo would be the poster child for what happens to politicians that mess with Americans as he is run out of public office. Best of all this plan would demonstrate how powerful we are when we act and move as one to crush our enemies. Of course we then pick our next target and move against them like the mogul hordes coming out of nowhere. We can pull the rug right out from under the globalist attackers if and when we move as one. All we need do is unite for individual liberty and live by the slogan, "Everybody mind their own damn business in private." But gun owners need to stand up for marijuana smokers and vise versa. Cigarette smokers need to stick up for health conscious raw milk drinkers who should be looking out for the rights of smokers to tan their lungs in private. In a nutshell we should admit all government victims into our coalition and defend one another using our economic atomic bomb of the total boycott.

Once this weapon is unleashed Americans will be able to quickly break their chains and round up the scum responsible for this government crime wave.


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