Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Duck And Cover

You want to know how old I am? Well I remember in first grade at Holy Trinity in Georgetown my classmates and yours truly actually practiced the duck and cover drill. That's what students were instructed to do if alerted by the principle who was my mother's math teacher back in the 1920's. When she strode through the halls ringing a bell we were to hit the deck. Sister Mary Clemmons gave us the tip off of the drill that morning and what we were meant to do. If you didn't immediately drop to your knees under your desktop (that had nothing to do with computers and was actually a piece of furniture students wrote on) and cover your head with both arms then you were going to get whacked on the back of the hand with Sister Mary Clemmon's ruler.

I bring up this topic now to point out how times have changed and the approach our manipulators deploy has changed in kind. During that Cuban Missile Crisis the government knew we were dead meat if a hydrogen bomb were set off in Washington or hell - even if the thing went off in Baltimore my skinny ass ducking and covering in a hundred year old brick building would have been buried for months. So they got everybody to practice that ridiculous drill to sooth us not save us.

Today everyone, even aspar-tamed flu shot dupes, understand that surviving a nuclear detonation is not a realistic expectation unless one is real far away. So now the tactic by the manipulators, who by the way are still the same duck and cover guys and dolls, is to divert attention to absolutely everything else that could maybe, possibly, somehow be a danger one day soon even. If the manipulators aren't on their lying machine (the television) every day on and on about the global climate change, sky is falling they are warning of the perils that will befall us if Iran gets a nuke. Rick Santorum has not mixed words and said if you put him in the White House he's going to just bomb Iran.

The manipulators have enough Americans duped into holding a warped, fairytale understanding of Iran. If you believe the modern Persians who have been around for thousands of years as a culture and a people just can't wait to build a nuke so they can somehow get that rascal to America and just blow it up - then you are probably a dupe. The truth is the poor Iranian people should all be praying to Allah that an atomic bomb never goes off in America because they will be blamed no matter who lit the fuse. If past history is any guide the real culprits will actually be the manipulators pointing fingers at Persians.

The manipulators never focus on the other details of a bullying bully little bomb Iran policy. Standing side-by-side with Iran happens to be Russia and China. They have lots of nukes and have said they will use them if we attack Iran. So forget about the covering part of the drill. Just bend down and kiss your ass goodbye if the shooting starts. While you're down there kiss your spouse goodbye and the kids and grand kids as well. About now the dupes are assuring themselves that nobody would be foolish enough to slaughter most of the earth's population in this sort of nuclear conflagration. That scenario has not been made into a made for television movie to boogie man manipulate the masses so they haven't a care about such things. The manipulators aren't worried either since they have the best bomb shelters our money could buy for them. They have years of food, water and medicine as well as plenty of diesel fuel stored to make electric power.

They also have a problem. They have to share the earth with 7 billion beings, most of which they consider to be a lower form of animal then they themselves. This being the case these elite international and domestic hijackers of America and most of the western world have treated us like a herd of cattle. They poke and prod us. They manipulate us and get us to fight against each other all to control us and the planet's wealth of resources. These fiends on a global scale have raped even little children and murdered them and millions of others from the shadows. They always finance a Hitler fall guy then move onto the next phase in our manipulation.

Today we are in a race against time and perception. If the duped masses ever awaken to the crimes that have been committed by these global crime families from behind the curtain of their government henchmen doing the dirty work and taking the fall when needed, they will rise up and crush the vipers in a violent rage. So these elites really have to murder you dupes very soon because many of you are seeing through the aspar-taming and figuring out was has really been going on in the world today and why.

Well I don't want to die in a nuclear war and I wish for my wife, kids and grandchild to live as well. We have an outside chance to survive. Being aware of reality and not duped by TV nonsense that would get a person to vote for a Romney, Obama or Santorum, I will be scanning the horizon at all times for the signs of a nuclear war. I will evacuate my loved ones to the mountains of West Virginia and hope my timing is right or divine intervention saves us. You dupes will never see it coming, especially the nuke the traitors already inside the nation's borders will most likely set off this year then blame on Iran/domestic extremists. When that happens the rest of you dupes will be jumping up and down like baboons demanding revenge but on the wrong foe. Your real enemy controls the federal government and the top traitors in all the secret police agencies. They will escape the carnage as always. Sadly, most regular FBI, CIA, DHS, Etc., employees will be left behind with their families and vaporized. It's the fate of compartmentalized dupes. Wake up and it doesn't have to be this way.



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