Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and everything was quiet

People were hungry and too broke to riot

The stockings hung by the chimney were bare,

Hell come to think of it not even the chimney was there;

Goldman Sachs were all smugly counting their loot,

While Bernanke and Geithner were licking JP Morgan's boot;

Then Obama and his cabinet sat by the fire;

Betting who among them was the biggest liar,

When out on the White House lawn there rose such a stink,

That the cabinet turned pale - and Obama pink.

Then into the window a grenade flew,

They wondered could this be another JFK like coup,

The moon was shining on the new-fallen snow

It reminded Barry of his days doing blow;

Then he wondered what the devil would be next,

So he pulled out his cell phone and started to text,

Then he saw a white dude in a sled and it made him pause,

He feared that it might be that cat Santa Claus

Obama could see Nick's face was not filled with joy,

Could it be because Barry had been a bad boy;

Nick said "Now Obama, and Geithner and Bernanke see here!

I've been checking the books and there is lots that is quite queer!

You're near the top of my list for being naughty,

You're all arrogant, ignorant, greedy and haughty;

He called them out for lying and killing with drones,

For robbing the taxpayers and tapping their phones;

Santa got so mad into a rage he flew,

He condemned the Democrats, Bush Republicans too.

Then Nick railed against the war on terror,

He swore it was a most egregious error;

Santa drew his pistol then spun around,

"Give me one reason I shouldn't put you all in the ground;"

Normally so jolly, Santa was real pissed off that night;

He'd cap their asses if they were looking for a fight,

Assaults at the airport don't make Santa gay!

Though he'd heard rumors that Obama might be that way

Santa didn't like war or foreign occupation,

He yelled to bring the troops home without hesitation;

He warned to stop taking orders from the Federal Reserve,

And give the people freedom which is what they deserve;

Stop the nonsense, the false flag attacks

If you don't I promise I'll be back.

Santa was sad then down in the dumps,

When he saw Joe Biden in nylons and pumps;

He squinted his eyes and rubbed his brow,

He shook his head and said "Jesus take me now;"

He finished his talking, and reached into his sack,

And Obama had thought he wouldn't get jack ,

But before heading back to the pole,

He gave Obama some switches and coal;

He sprang to feet, but Obama hit the floor,

But Nick didn't shoot he just headed for the door.

I heard him exclaim, as he flip them the bird,

"Obey the Constitution - stop acting absurd ."


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