Sunday, December 12, 2010

Global Warming And The Flu

There is a global financial elite who have their greedy little paws in just about every aspect of human activity. Just look at how they hype the big Pharma' solutions to human disease. They act like W.C. Fields. If no snake bites are available then they are only happy to inject some. There is no money in well people. I'm a perfect example. Rather than believe that these medicine show rejects could cure me of anything - I stay healthy. Look, most doctors are wonderful, compassionate people. They are legally forced to operate in a corrupt medicine show run by the traitors in government in collusion with big pharma'. They push designer-snake-oils in which the desired effect is to make you sick and die early. This is especially so with respect to older people. The vast majority of elixirs being pumped into old folks are meant to help them to earlier graves so they will quit using up those old age resources they were promised.

The flu is another big pharma' project. THERE IS NO WAY TOMAS ESTRADA-PALMA WOULD LET BIG PARMA' JAB A NEEDLE IN ME WITH A FLU SHOT!!!! I would advise everyone to follow this policy while we are still under attack from the financial globalists. Take this lamb's blood over your doorway advice - don't take the flu shot. Take your chances with the flu. The same financial scoundrels responsible for destroying the economy happen to also control the pharmaceutical industry. Only take medication as a last resort recommended by a doctor that you really trust.

This global warming nonsense is more of the same game. These financial attackers every minute of the day bombard us with this ridiculous notion that the earth is getting warmer. Is it getting warmer? HELL NO! It is getting colder and these financial elites are even helping things along. They are spraying aerosols from jets mislabeled as contrails which are normal jet exhausts that dissipate rather quickly. However these aerosols are designed to remain in the upper atmosphere reflecting sunlight back to the heavens where it will do absolutely no good to heat our homes. But not to worry - the financial elites control all of the fuels necessary for a warm home. Guess what? Prices are going up for all of them.

Do you see how they play us for idiots? They get us to help cool the planet then jack up the price for heat. They hype the disease du jour then poison us with snake oils. The net effect will be to cull the old, the weak and the unprepared. The oldest, sickest and least productive will be eliminated first mostly at the end of a needle. Those lucky enough to survive will get to pay more for resources but can expect to receive slave wages.

Why is this so? Well it's because this financial global elite that has it's clutches deep into our nations of the West, does not control the entire world. Rather, they must compete for dominance against other oligarchies like the Russians and Chinese. The thing about these oligarchies is the people there basically know what the deal is. You slave away and keep your head down because everybody knows who is in charge - both the rulers and the ruled. The difference in the Western countries is the people often believe they have some control over their futures. This of course makes them very dangerous to the actual small group of oligarchs who do control things.

So the Western financial oligarchs must walk a fine line to stay competitive with the other oligarchies. They will naturally have to kill off enough of the unproductive members of society to balance the books. But they must do so secretly because if those of us who survive ever caught on we would make very poor slaves to say the least. More than likely even filled to the gills with mind numbing chemicals like aspartame we the people would revolt.

When the mob starts coming the police start running. Never forget that. I saw it in Adams Morgan when the Hispanics rioted. The first thing the cops did was return to the police station. So if the financial elites expect to have the police protect them they may want to check with Prince Charles about that protection. Despite what the London police claim about the cops showing restraint, the reality was the mob was so big and mad that the cops feared for their own lives - not the lives of the prince and his wife. If the crowd had wanted to kill the two then they would be dead several days now. But the crowd just sent this financial elite member a warning shot over his bow. The British people, especially the young, are not interested in being your slaves. If you can take their wages then not deliver on the ridiculous promises you elites made then they are your slaves and obviously unhappy. So I expect Charlie to murder a bunch of Brits this winter with the cold and the flu. But should the police realize Charlie is behind the flu murders of their kin then Charlie is in big trouble.


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