Thursday, July 30, 2009

Government Defies Economic Law

Governments throughout history have always attempted to go against economic law for political and personal gain. Sadly none succeeded and all of those societies with their social orders fell by the wayside. This has occurred over and over again because of ignorance within the general public.

The public is a herd of goats, cows and sheep. They just want to graze and raise their kids and calf's. They have little to no interests in matters of basic economics. Therefore the public has always been vulnerable to government scams that attempt to defy economic law. It's like nowadays where the government, using fake Federal Reserve fiat money over printed the total quantity of this currency crack in the economy. This willful lowering of the value of the dollar has wildly distorted the price structures that we all use to get what we need from toilet paper to the jobs to pay for it. So no one really knows what stuff should cost. One giant economic law defiance bad outcome is the real price of homes and businesses in relation to the new quantity of dollars in circulation and the much higher values that the government and the banksters wished they were. They will fail dramatically and very soon hiding this wanton violation of economic law. This will expose them as the morons that they are, motivated by their greed and lust for power.

They can't allow that sort of thing to happen you know? Sorry chaps... Historically governments in this last dying phase of their existence always try something desperate to maintain their strangle hold on power. So keep your eyes open amigos. I'm praying that this time around we'll catch them red handed like we recently caught the Homeland Security Department posting racist comments on the Internet. Most of you don't know it yet but will soon find out. There is a war going on and you are in it. The enemy is already inside the castle walls and plotting chaos to sow disorder. Then they can swoop in, eliminate troubling percentages of "unnecessary undesirables" that have been pre-demonized by their traitorous media networks.

But lets see if we the people can foil them this time. Wouldn't that be cool? We could remove these criminals from power over us and build a wealthy, peaceful society. Lets give it a try. Everyone is on guard duty from here forward. Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and check back here on the Internet to give your fellow Americans a warning if something looks fishy.


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