Friday, April 06, 2007

A Cuban’s Bill of Rights

A Cuban’s

Bill of Rights

I. A Free Cuban owns their time, body and assets. No government or other entity may tax or regulate the free exercise thereof that does not infringe on another’s free exercise of their rights or exploit these individual human resources in any manner against the individual’s free will.

II. A free Cuban owns their physical and intellectual labor. One hundred percent of these assets are the property of the individual laborer and shall not be subjected to tax, or be regulated beyond that necessary to guarantee the equal rights of others to freely market their labor.

III. A free Cuban may express themselves in private in any manner that does not infringe on the rights of other individuals to do likewise. A free Cuban may express themselves in writing, electronically, photographically or in any future manner chosen by the individual with the only restrictions being displays in public space that offend a clear majority’s sense of decorum as set forth by their representatives.

IV. A free Cuban may believe anything or worship in any manner that does not infringe on the equal opportunity of another to do likewise.

V. The Children of Free Cubans are the protégés and the responsibility of their parents or guardians who shall possess the final say in all health, education and general welfare decisions of their offspring or guardianship. No government or other entity may infringe on this right beyond intervention to protect the minor from clear and immanent danger as set forth by the elected legislature.

VI. A free Cuban may arm themselves for self-defense against criminal individuals, groups or governments as well as defend against foreign threats.

VII. A free Cuban has the right to a public common law jury trial of their peers before they may be tried for any crime punishable with a prison sentence. The verdict must be unanimous to obtain a conviction and the jury must rule on the facts as well as the laws in question in the trial and the implementation of these laws by the government and may nullify the law in a particular trial by ruling innocent.

VIII. A free Cuban may own justly acquired Real Estate in Cuba and only be subjected to a land location value fee as set forth by the legislature and not on any improvements to their Real property.

IX. A free Cuban may travel freely within and outside of Cuba.

X. A free Cuban has the right to freely associate or disassociate with whomever they so choose.

XI. A free Cuban has the right to privacy in their home, business, and their person and all their correspondences from all searches and seizures unless authorized by the judiciary upon sufficient probable evidence that a crime has been or shall be committed shortly.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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