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Ants Crawled On Us All Night

Ants Crawled On Us All Night

Board Basis: All Inclusive
Date of Holiday: Sep 2006
Tour Operator: First Choice
Submitted By: evadanit
Overall Rating: 3/10
Comments: Me and my husband have just got back from Cayo Coco in Cuba, and it was the worst holiday I have ever had. (it was our honeymoon).

There were ants all over my room, trailing from one side, to the other, and in my bathroom, all over my toothbrush and in the sink (I have pictures)Reception said that a maid would be there in 5 mins to spray it, I waited for 1 hour, then my husband phoned and the receptionist then said that nobody can come out tonight, so we asked if we could be moved rooms, and they said no, so we had to sleep with ants crawling all over our beds, on the floor, everywhere. It was disgusting. I have proof of this, as I filmed it!

We noticed that the pillow cases weren't being cleaned on a daily basis. The towel rail kept falling off the wall.

The seals on the bottled water were broken, so they were filling old bottles with tap water! The food was disgusting, the eggs were runny, and the pork was red in the middle.

There was scum around the pool, someone was actually writing his name in it! I got a terrible ear infection, as there was too much chlorine in the pool, so I had to go on antibiotics.

There was hardly any umbrellas, so I got really burnt and had to go on hydration tablets and get some lotion.

There was a path leading to the beach, which was under water, which I am sure it is sewerage, as it never dried up, even in 30C heat! We couldn't swim in the sea, as there were too many jellyfish, swarms of them in 20s! people were throwing them!

They had 3 restaurants, the Italian, looked lovely, but the food was really cold, really well laid out, but stone cold, like it came out of the fridge and heated up in the microwave. The seafood restaurant, the fish was shriveling up where it had been sitting there too long. They were watering down the Coke and I saw them filling up a bottle of wine, with something out of an oil container, then putting the cork back in!

We tried to get hold of the rep on the last as we wrote down all the complaints, but he was not there.

On the other side, the rooms were big, the Air conditioning worked, and the beds were actually comfy! It's like going to a Butlins holiday camp, but less entertaining.

BIGGEST Problem Was the Mosquitos

Note attribuée :
Cuba: Melia Cayo Santa Maria: "go somewhere else...is my suggestion"
expensive, Plymouth,Devon,UK 9 juin 2006

Mon expérience dans cet hôtel a eu lieu en :

mai, 2006
Je recommande cet établissement pour :
Rapport qualité-prix
Chambre (qualité, confort)
Personnel / service (service d'étage, assistance spéciale)
J'ai séjourné dans cet hôtel avec : époux(se)/partenaire, jeunes enfants, membres de la famille
Je recommande cet hôtel pour : seniors, familles avec jeunes enfants, familles avec adolescents
But de mon séjour : vacances prolongées
J'y retournerai : sûrement pas !

I went to this hotel for 2 weeks from the 21/05/2006 with my 2 children and my parents,all flights now go from Gatwick via Manchester,this is absolutely hideous if you use Gatwick as your airport of choice as it means sitting on the tarmac for lenghty periods of time.

On arrival we were allocated to building 19 the airconditioning is barely adequate and not all maids do towel sculptures;although minor it hints at not all guests being treated the same.
We did try the bike hire and requested 5 bikes however out of 12 only 4 were useable the rest had punctures,broken chains etc.

My husband and 13 year old son went out on an X14 and the rudder fell off my husband had to retrieve it and fix it back in place before going back to shore when this was reported it was met with a disinterested shrug. So beware!!!
When we went to try the Archery there was only 1 bow and 1 member of staff for 18 guests we were expected to wait over 1:5hours for a turn.

The food was always cold,fish and meat are cooked on the same griddle/utensils,poor selection of food,very little salad/vegetables,watered down drinks.I think its appaling that the solution offered to the numerous complaints was to send us to the other hotel(Sol) which is a cheaper hotel in the brochure.

The BIGGEST problem was the mosquitos in view of the fact that i have 2 children i feel Thomas Cook had a duty of care to warn us about this problem.I would not have gone if i had known, as it is a Health Hazard, mosquitos carry lots of diseases,the hotel staff reported this was a common problem and i can only imagine it will get worse as the wet season progresses.Also the hotel provides no escape from the mosquitos in the evenings other than your room or a piano bar that provides nothing but repetive recitals of loud piano playing which allows no conversation.
In conclusion i would not go here again or recommmend it to anyone
I Must Have 300 Bites

Note attribuée :
Cuba: Melia Cayo Santa Maria: "not a 5 star resort..."
Membre de TripAdvisor, coventry England 6 juin 2006

Mon expérience dans cet hôtel a eu lieu en :
mai, 2006
Je recommande cet établissement pour :
Rapport qualité-prix
Chambre (qualité, confort)
Personnel / service (service d'étage, assistance spéciale)
J'ai séjourné dans cet hôtel avec : époux(se)/partenaire, jeunes enfants
Je recommande cet hôtel pour : seniors
But de mon séjour : vacances prolongées
J'y retournerai : sûrement pas !
just returned back from the melia....... have to say was not impressed...
After sitting on the runway for 2 hours at manchester airport having not been told it flies via manchester from Gatwick... so the overall flight time is actually 12.5 hours... then waiting on the tarmac at the airport for 1.5 hours to go through passport control...
eventually got there to find a mini bar in the room with nothing in there... they gave you 1 bottle of water a day unless you bribed the man stocking the bar...
the pool and the beach are absolutely beautiful.... but that is about it.. the food is repetitive and boring if you are not eating by 7pm there is nothing left... ie they don't replace what has been eaten....
3 people over there actually caught food poisoning ( over at the sol ) and had to be moved to our hotel.....
but the worst thing about the holiday was the fact that you were literally in the middle of nowhere..... surrounded by swamps...... so to say you get bitten by mosquito's is an understatement......... i must have 300 bites on my body and i don't normally get stung....
4 or 5 of my friends over there had to go and have injections off the doctor to stop them from scratching themselves to death.
there is nowhere to go off the resort i mean nowhere... the nearest town is about 30 miles away........

it is by far the worst holiday i have ever been on...... have been to mexico which is 10 times better.....

would only recommend this holiday if you are over 60 and literally don't want to move off your hotel...

final thought 5 star pool, beach and room......... entertainment and food 2 star


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