Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Economics and Wealth 101

Economics and Wealth 101

Let's define different stuff that most people never give a second thought to in their busy lives. Wealth is all the things that we either want or need to exist. It's your bathroom with the toiletries, your car and the rest of the house, the cloths and everything you own. But where does it all come from? Ultimately, it comes from the labors of your mind and body somehow manipulating the planet earth to help facilitate the creation of all this stuff that everybody wants. Why? Because as any Cuban will tell you toilet paper is preferable to tree bark or Granma. I may be a proofreader and not myself create the newspaper that lands on your door each morning. But my efforts help ensure this valued packet of current information is correct and credible. So the question begs. Why are Cubans lacking wealth?

Would you create more wealth using YOUR labor if you or the government owned the results of your labor but paid you 50 cents per day for it? Now think about applying your labor under this system for 49 years. There is no chance for advancement or more wealth to comfort you in your final years. Socialism gives you the right to other people's labor output....and they the right to yours. But middleman Raul Castro is one of the few Cubans who are obese as well as dressed in fancy tailored suits.

So now you can clearly see why 11 million Cubans are sitting around waiting on a tip from a tourists rather than do some work and create a bit of wealth for themselves and therefore their nation. It's because they can double their state salary anytime they get a buck. A stinking dollar! However, not everyone is poor. The owners of this company-store operation, Raul Castro and his gang, profit quite nicely and possess vast reserves of wealth complete with mansions, ranches and castle in the countryside around the world.

I give them credit where credit is due. They have been brilliant manipulators and controllers of information during the early days of the information age right up until recently. But they have crashed head on into the Internet where they have lost all credibility and therefore power. We now command the high ground because using the Internet we can show the evil that Raul's regime has done as well as explain these simple matters of economics. We will warn people thinking of traveling to Cuba that there is not adequate sewage treatment or fresh water available to survive healthfully. We can also use the Internet to ask exiles to not send remittances now so we can put the final squeeze or Raul, Inc. and run him out of Cuba.


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