Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Hate Bill Gates!

I Hate Bill Gates!

Yes, that’s right…I hate Bill Gates. He is following the path of many monopolists before him. He believes he will have his way forever and he treats his customers accordingly. Do I sound angry? It is not possible to express my fury on a mere computing device, especially when I‘m using my wife‘s laptop instead of my own desktop. Fortunately, I have countless other computers available to me and some very computer savvy Cubans to advise me. So before I make any decisions let me tell you about my problems with Microsoft then humbly ask your advise on how I should proceed.

In the beginning…there was Microsoft. It sucked but it was all we had. Sure it crashed a couple times a year and I had to re-install everything and accept the loss of my data. But I was hopeful that Bill would get it right eventually. After a few years the software did get more stable…right around the time that hackers and ad-ware scum began exploiting the security weaknesses of Microsoft. But I fought through that, reinstalled everything a number of times until I got the necessary software that Microsoft didn’t bother to include to protect its customers. I at this point was using Window 98 and everything was finally working fine. Then my wife required Microsoft Word for her nursing school (I had been happily using Word Perfect) and we upgraded to Windows XP. Everything worked fine for about a year.

Then, about two months ago I started getting this annoying icon on the lower right hand portion of my screen telling me that I was using a bogus copy of XP. It was aggravating enough having that little twerp Gates implying that I had stolen his software but his opinion means nothing to me. Coincidentally, I began having these lying accusations right around the time of Microsoft’s roll-out of Vista. Finally, after several crashes since getting these bogus warnings, my computer crashed for the last time yesterday. Then I spent the entire day on the phone with Microsoft but was basically told there was nothing they could do for me. They had my couple hundred dollars and I had their lame software which they had disabled.

Forgive me for telling you the obvious if you already know this fact. But if you have XP or software that is newer like this Vista, whenever you go online your computer immediately checks in with the Microsoft head quarters and runs a check on your operating software to see if it is yours. What does that mean? Well for a coworker of a friend of mine it meant that when he bought a hot computer it ended up landing him in jail. How? Unbeknown to this person, was the fact that this hot computer was stolen from the federal government. The feds’ had already alerted Bill Gates that one of their computers was missing. So this guy plugs the hot laptop into the World Wide Web and within minutes the government knows exactly where he is and can monitor if he is still surfing as they speed towards his house. Of course you can imagine the rest. The door gets kicked in by federal agents. He is arrested and taken to jail with bond high enough that he will be there at least five years or more. His wife and young son were given 48 hours to vacate their rental as they had violated the lease. They are now homeless.

My point here is not that this is wrong to prosecute this guy for stealing. He probably knew the computer was stolen but bought it anyway. What I am pointing out to you is that now Bill Gates will be the head slave master for the government. If you want to participate in the modern world you must use his software and he can and does tell the government right where you are whenever they ask and perhaps even what you are into. If you do not pay your slave income tax, massa Bill will help the federal cops hunt you down better than any hound dog. This is the perfect plantation set up because they no longer need fences or chains to extract labor from us. We can run wherever but they can easily track you slaves down better than the Egyptian pharaohs, Nazi concentration camp generals or southern plantation owners. The best part for our masters is we can accomplish ten times more slave labor for them because we are not chained or fenced in like the slaves of the past. In fact right now most of you slaves probably think that you are free even while half of your labor is being extracted. You are the best slaves to own.

But now that I have exposed this horrible slave plantation that we all find ourselves toiling on - lets get back to my next computer move. I’m thinking of moving to MAC. Any known problems with doing that? Please give me guidance Cubanos. Also, Don forgive me for not calling into your show last night. Believe me buddy…you didn’t want to talk with me last night. But I will call in the near future and I hope your show went well! Also, everyone should please shoot me off an email as Gates has caused me to lose virtually all of my email addresses. In the future I will keep copies of these things in cyberspace so when and if Microsoft’s lame software screws me again, if I’m still using it, I’ll have a back up.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


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