Thursday, February 21, 2013

Courts Being Eliminated

The latest criminal activity by government is the elimination of trials in America. Mind you, I'm not speaking of the extrajudicial murders that Obama claims is his prerogative if he has the fancy. Nor am I referring to the hits being perpetrated by psycho black operations rogues like in Sandy Hook, Aurora and the recent navy SEAL who was whacked where the filth even murdered his kids and dog.

What I'm warning of is the administrative finding of guilt without trial which immediately moves to the punishment phase without appeal. I was robbed of $468 by the Motor Vehicle Administration because my insurance company didn't get the check. Progressive apparently had no qualms about contacting the government while nary a word to me. So I will be changing companies to punish Progressive for their collusion with the criminal elements of the government of Maryland.

They are criminals because criminals take your money without a trial when they want your money. Governments that obey the Constitution on the other hand must go to Court and have a just legal reason before a citizen and their money are divorced from one another. Why? In my case, of which there was none legally speaking, I had no intent to defy the law nor any history of doing so. Compare this to the guy who gets up one day and decides he's not going to pay for insurance anymore and the state of Maryland can bugger off. We are both punished equally despite the vastly different circumstances.

Now the city of L.A. has issued a conviction and punishment of infowars for somebody else posting fliers created by somebody else other than infowars. They send off their extortion letter demanding money or bad things will start to happen to the target just like when Al Capone was running things in Chicago. Pay through the nose or bleed through it.

Face it Americans, though there are many nice people in government, the top scum and many of their underlings are liars, thieves and even murderers. The weird thing is how timid judges have been. They sit on their fat black robed asses collecting big bucks (and quite a few bribes in many cases) and permit the judicial branch of government to be bypassed. Judge jobs are being eliminated while judges do nothing. Congress wallows in pork while becoming ceremonial and secondary to the U.N. and NATO tag-team.

In short we're occupied.


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