Thursday, November 12, 2009

Federal Reserve Running Scared

The Fed had another of their shills on CNBC this morning trying to build some argument against taking power away from the central bank and having a look see at their almost 100 years of secret banking. However, his logic was so lame that only the stupidest of Americans would agree with his premise. Sadly this means a majority of our fellow countrymen will follow his orders like a herd of sheep.

But this does not change economic law. These central bank bozos and Treasury Department crooks know this. That is why they are raking us over the coals now squeezing us for more wealth while they still can. It is why alcohol and prescription medication are readily available. Most Americans are not naturally stupid. They are rendered this way with these doping agents from the liquor stores and pharmaceutical manufacturer medicine shows. If Americans every sobered up a bit, besides having that nasty hangover, they would see what has become of their nation and be fighting mad at the scoundrels responsible.

The sober minority of Americans already see what's happening. The foreign banksters will keep the stock market at around 10,000 and gas about where it is now - until after next years elections. Then they will go for the jugular. Their ultimate goal is the same since Alexander the Great and before - to dominate the planet. This cabal of banksters and their forefathers have been trying to accomplish this feat for several hundred years now. Yes they are a patient bunch. However, only America has stood in their way at least up till now that is. They are poised to implement the final stages of their plans before the drunken American majority sobers up. Running the world has never been easy and they have a million things to contend with. Good luck suckers. I don't think you can pull it off.


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