Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Financial Bonus Bogus Argument

This stupidity about bonuses and what not is a perfect example of the fake left/right media driven argument. The big media uses its monopoly on network TV to stoke the fires of indignation over how much rich people are getting paid and makes it appear that it has something to do with the terrible economy.

The reality is the responsible parties for destroying the economy, the Federal Reserve Board bankers and their cabal of co-conspirators in other foreign central banks, own all of the media that we have unwisely come to depend on for pertinent, reliable information. So these traitors and conspirators who manipulate secretly our supply of money have their media shills whip up fresh debates over side show issues all the time. They keep us arguing over NOTHING! And all the while the vipers are cleaning us out of wealth and liberty.

Essentially, the big media is the bumper. The bumper distracts you while the pick pocket removes your wallet. The central bankers are the pick pockets.


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