Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Toilet Paper

No Toilet Paper

Going to a place like Cuba for a vacation is a wonderful experience that all lefties, liberals and tyrant supporters should partake. Their distorted view of economics and actual reality on the island make them sitting ducks for the socialist treatment. While we hate that their tourist vacation investment dollars and euros prop up Raul, you better believe that Canadians and Europeans are returning home in droves converted by their experience. True, most still do not have a clue of what is the right thing to do concerning Cuba. But they sure as hell know what's going on there now is completely wrong. Somehow not having adequate toilet paper, clean drinking water and decent food for a week or two has had the effect of wrenching the tourists' eyes open and clearing the ear canals. These tourists enter Cuba with their hearts in their hand filled with ideology and good will then have their wallet lifted and their kid's shoes stolen by the locals. They return home wondering why this happened to them and try to brush it off as just bad luck.

But they are now feeling a tad of the pain of socialism. With open eyes they will also see that Cubans are poor because Raul grabs all of their labor output then pays an average of fifty cents a day in wages. Tourists might even notice that the so called world class health care does not include actual medicine unless you have hard currency to pay for it. Perhaps they could even hear about the terrible food shortages now in Venezuela which is under no embargo whatsoever. The embargo they and Cuba experience is the same embargo you and I face every time we enter a place of business. That is, we must have credit or cash in hand or we are embargoed from buying anything. Castro has shafted everyone in business and in pleasure so Cuba has NO more credit. How productive would you be for fifty cents a day? Exactly. The Cuban people do not create enough wealth to even pay for basic necessities because it doesn't pay unless your last name is Castro. When Cubans one day soon own ALL their own labor then they will be completely able to provide for themselves, their family and the needs of the nation. They will put together a first class vacation package as well that WILL make you want to return.


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