Monday, April 30, 2007

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

Yes...that is what Cuba has become - fantasy island. Why? Well for starters, the Cuba government pretends to pay Cubans a salary and the Cubans pretend to work. The government also pretends to run all the commercial industries and retail businesses yet very little is produced and not much is available for Cubans to buy. The government pretends to offer universal health care to all Cubans which includes pretending they can do so without providing actual free medication. Raul Castro pretends to offer 5 star all-inclusive tourist hotels for real cheap. Then the Cuban workers pretend they never heard about that deal but they just happen to be able to get hold of some water, toilet paper and other Cuban luxuries provided the tourist will give..."teep." To get tips the Cuban worker will pretend to even like tourists to gain their confidence and pull on their heart strings. Then once the tourist's guard is down the Cuban sells them a blank CD purported to be their latests hits from their Cuban combo or they hustle a box of banana leaf fake cigars to the tourist suckers. Then the tourist pretends to understand and not feel violated by these frauds, pick-pocketing's and bag snatching. Also the tourists pretend that their tourist dollars and euros are not arming Raul's goons so he can oppress the Cuban people . They pretend Cubans don't want democracy or the most basic consumer goods like toilet paper or human rights like freedom of speech. Some pretend that Cubans actually can speak freely while ignoring the hundreds in dungeons for doing just that. They pretend they know everything about Cuba so they don't even bother looking at all of the widely available information about 49 years of total tyranny under Castro. Then the tourist is abused on their vacation in Cuba and either pretends to know the reason for their bad time ( loosely referred to as the embargo or blockade for the more dramatic) and simply forgets it. But a few raise hell about their bad trips on some tourist chat board. So to counteract this bad PR the Cuban government also goes onto these chat boards and pretends to be satisfied tourists to Cuba and raves about such normal things as "the elevator worked all week long!" So new prospective tourists read all the glowing fake reviews from the Cuban government, pretend they know what they are doing and book a holiday to Cuba. Some Cuban pretends to give them some bottled water that is actually Havana tap water, the tourist becomes violently ill and pretends he know what got him ill - the spicy food or perhaps the fish. So the cycle begins all over again. These tourists continue to pretend that they do not keep Raul in power with their tourist hard currency. However, soon tourists will start to die from this third world treatment disguised as healthy accommodations and then maybe these tourists will finally grow up and quit pretending.


Blogger Albert Quiroga said...

Slowly but surely the "useful traveling fools'" pipeline to "Kuba" will dry up as more of these incidents come to light. The more the Kubanski mis-government tries to engage in lie-and-deny tactics to mask the reality, the less credible they will seem, except to fanatical, raving ideologues. I believe the big push from Kuba to allow travel from the USA is based on the fact their other tourist sources are drying up; they want a new batch of suckers they can extract dollars from - well-meaning, naive suckers from the USA.

Before I forget - a belated Happy Birthday to you, Sr. Estrada-Palma.
And thanks for the posting on jury nullification - that's a keeper, and potentially a very powerful piece of knowledge to keep handy, in light of increasingly loony-lawmaking around these here parts.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Many thanks Mr. Quiroga. Many thanks.

3:19 PM  

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