Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Stopping Us Now

No Stopping Us Now
(To the guys Raul forces to come here regularly)

We know how desperate you are today and the situation with your boss's cash flow. We're real sorry you're not getting paid like you use to but we need to squeeze you financially to force you to live like the rest of the Cuban population. The bad news is that tourists who come to our sites now, not only find out how unhealthy conditions are in Cuba for them but also how cruel your boss Raul has been to the Cuban people. They are not coming back to Cuba until Raul and his cronies are GONE! So do your patriotic duty and arrest him today. Dudes! We've got millions of dollars just waiting to spend on Cuba. You will be wealthier than your wildest dreams and more importantly - so will the vast majority of other Cubans. You'll be a hero.

The entire Havana infrastructure must be replaced immediately which is GREAT NEWS! You and everybody you know will have great, high paying jobs - free from income tax. We'll make the capitalists pay for the upgrades and they'll do it happily to make future profit. Also we'll seize all foreign owned properties like hotels and just give them to the hotel workers for slavery compensation. They can run it any way they choose but I'd suggest like a business. But that's just another matter that will be solved very soon.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


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